Cast of Characters

FRIENDS (i.e. People who are willing to put up with me on a daily basis):
  • G-Fab: My very best friend in the whole world. He is the Will to my Grace; the Siegfried to my Roy; the Barney to my Fred. And he puts up with all my crap to boot!

  • The Nip Clique- A group of blogging girls who I love dearly. They make my whole day better. They include: Nugs, Sara Nipples, Lor, Nicole, Lily, Shelly, Ginny, Harley, Mandy Moore and Risha. Check out their blogs on my Blogroll!

  • 5th Floor Boys: A group of boys who lived on the 5th floor of the building I RA'ed in undergrad. They are my brothers and I love them

FAMILY (i.e. people who are stuck with me):
  • UNC-Sis: My younger sister who goes to UNC and never lets anyone forget it!

  • Lil' Miss Sis: My adorable 4 year old Autistic sister who i love and adore and want to throttle somedays.

  • Baby Sis: My youngest sister. She's a precocious toddler with a personality and is stubborn to boot. 

  • Nixon and Kennedy: My annoying but lovable terriers. I can't live with them, but i couldn't live without them either

Guys Who Date Me (lucky bastards)
  • The Internet Magician (IMac)- My Fiance. It's been a long and winding saga with him. Catch up on all the action with us Here

  • Meathole Guy - A guy who I dated during graduate school. I use the term dated loosely. He was introduced here, discussed here and I ended things with him here. He and I are still friends, and he's moved back to Michigan but we talk on a monthly basis.
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