Stuff I read:

Jennsylvania by Jen Lancaster
Sara Swears A Lot by Sara Nipples
Inside the Mind of Booya by Booya Bobby
Things I Like to Eat (....and Other Nonsense)  By You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun
From the Head of Danaconda by Dan
That Ain't Kosher by Nugs
Andy Hmmm  by Andy
The Chronicles of a College Girl by Penny Lane
Late to the Party by Lor
1.,B., Platypus... By Harley
Bianca and the B-Sides by Bi
Childhood Trauma by The Snark Squad
I am, Therefore I do by Tabs
Ginntastic by Ginny
Is It Too Early for a Martini? by Lily
Lauren vs. Reality by lalalalauren
Sweeney Says... by Nicole
Smile Big and Pretty by Jas
Starting Over: Same Story, Different Person by Shelly
The Couch Dwellers by Pete & Nicky
The Year of the Phoenix by Lady Lazarus
Watch My Sass by Mandy Moore
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