Thursday, January 29, 2015

Adventures in Home Shopping

So I may have mentioned a few posts back that iMac and I were buying a house. Let me tell you the adventure we got in doing that was not the adventure I wanted.

WARNING: This will be a lot of me griping about first-world problems and you may have the urge to want to whack me across the face with a salami. I encourage you to do this because someone needs to smack me into reality one of these days.

So iMac and I feel in love with this house that we saw on our first day of home shopping that got snatched out from under us before we could make an offer. Then our Realtor took us to a whole string of houses, none of which had any of the requirements we were looking for. So then we requested to see houses in this specific neighborhood. So he showed us four and the last one iMac completely fell in love with. I mean seriously there was no talking him out of it. He nearly made an offer as we were standing in the house. I tried in vain to talk him out of it but it was pointless.

So what sold him on this house? In short it was 3,300 square feet with four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a huge kitchen. Plus it was a foreclosure house so it wasn't unreasonably over our price range.

My actual kitchen

This is where all the trouble started. The house was in foreclosure but not just any foreclosure, it was a VA foreclosure meaning we were buying the house from the government. So we were given a closing date of Dec 10th. Clearly from the pictures above there were no appliances in the house either. So we took advantage of the Black Friday deals and purchased everything and scheduled it for delivery on Dec 12th.

I will admit there was a lot of back and forth with our loan paperwork and because we were using the money that iMac got from his grandfather's will it was even more complicated. We had to have his mother physically mail stuff to us because she doesn't own nor know how to work a scanner. Anyways we got all the paperwork in and on Dec 2nd we were cleared to close.

This is when the government started working against us. The guy at the title company (I think- details are fuzzy here) had sent an email to a mortgage lady saying that the deed wasn't recorded at the VA a week prior, so while the mortgage people had cleared us to close without the title being recorded by the VA we couldn't close. The title guy said the VA was about a week backed up so that closing would have to be pushed after the 10th. So we paid a $460 fee to hold our interest rate.

Then we waited..

and waited...

and waited..

and waited for the VA to record the deed so we could close. We were told on the 4th the VA was back up a week, so we were smart enough to call appliance people and ask them to hold the delivery. We then found out one of our products was on back-order and we wouldn't get it till the 10th of January, which seemed a little late to be notifying us of that 6 days before delivery.

On Dec 19th we still had not heard anything from the VA about registering the deed so we took our Christmas vacation to Cuba. I'm pretty sure I checked iMac's phone 3 times a day wile we were in Cuba waiting for some notices about the deed.

Something like this with a younger husband

Then we got back from Cuba and nothing. I should note at this point that we only had till Jan 5th to close on this house or we had to go through mortgage underwriting all over again and I don't even know how much that would have cost us. Finally on Dec. 29th a full 19 days after we were originally set to close the VA registered the deed and told us they would need a week to process before we could close. So our closing was set for Jan 5th, the last possible day.

You would think this would be the end of my story? Oh no. We schedule a final walk through with our Realtor for Jan 5th and then we don't hear anything... until Jan 5th. Apparently the VA got our paperwork to the mortgage people late so then the mortgage people returned in late so then the VA didn't know if it was going to go through in time to close on Jan 5th. Then we find out the VA is on the west coast so that are 3 hours behind us as is.

At this point we go through our final walk through at 1 pm, we don't know if we are going to close. We don't even know the final amount of the down payment so we can have a check cut. At 3:30 we find out the HOA of the new house has some things that need to be done to the house and we need to sign a waiver if we want to close today otherwise the VA has to handle these things. We agree to sign the waiver (the lawn needed to be resodded and the house repainted) if we can close today to avoid going through underwriting again. The VA agrees and tells us the amount of the check.

At this point it is 4 pm and iMac and I are both at our respective jobs again. He has to leave and get a check cut so we can close at 5 pm. Low and behold, all the Bank of Americas in our town close at 4 pm, which is of course where he banks. He has to drive across town to the one BOA that is open till 5 to get a cashiers check cut in an amount that made me have a mild heart attack. But of course it is rush-hour traffic at this point and he doesn't even get to the bank till 4:45. I head to the closing but iMac doesn't show up til almost 6 pm. Not that any of this matters as the VA still had not faxed over the HUD report required to close. So iMac and I sign all the other mortgage paperwork while we are waiting and finally at 6:30 pm over 4 hours after we were originally supposed to close we get the HUD report and can close on our house.

We promptly got our new house keys, went to the house we rented and promptly passed out.

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