Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Adventures in Cuba-Land

So clearly I went MIA during the month of December and for a couple good reasons. The first one is that buying a house was completely exhausted (more about that in another post), but also because I was out of the country for over a week. More accurately I was in Gauntanamo Bay, Cuba (GTMO).

Don't worry I was not thrown in prison for being a terrorist or whatever they put people in the prison there for. iMac's Father is a military contractor who just so happens to be stationed on the military base of Guantanamo Bay (because there is more than just a prison there). So iMac and I flew down there,along with the rest of his family, for Christmas. This is our first Christmas as a married couple but also my first Christmas away from my family. Let me just say that my mother was not pleased about me not being there but also that it screwed up her Christmas Survivor games.

Flight Time and it was not the Big Easy.

Anyways, I may have mentioned before on this blog that I really really really hate flying, and apparently taking a boat was out of the option for this trip. So at 6 am we made our way to the airport for a 9:30am flight. Luckily for me, iMac's awesome lawyer brother-in-law had a prescription for Xanax that he was more than happy to share with me. So we board the plane and I am feeling so out of it, I'm thinking this flight is going to be great. The flight is schedule to last about two and a half hours, so when the pilot announced on the intercom at the two hour mark that we were going to have to turn around and fly back to Miami I was not a happy camper.

We could literally see Cuba from the plane. Granted it was the north Cuban side, where we can't land. We were only allowed to go to the naval base and no where else on the island. So they turned our plane around, landed us in Miami and made us board and entirely new plane to GTMO. Then we had to do the whole flight again and by now my Xanax had worn off and I was so not a happy camper. The Navy guys sitting behind us, however, convinced the captain of the plane to give us all free booze so at least there was some payoff. We then landed in GTMO around 2:30 pm, when we were supposed to land at 11:45 am.

Caribbean Paradise My Ass

 So there was two things in Cuba I was very much not expecting.  One was Iguana's that were bigger than my arms.

These guys were huge and not afraid of you either. They would run right up to you if you had food in your hands and they had teeth. iMac's parent's dog had a couple scars on his face from getting into a fight with one of these bad boys.  There were signs everywhere to stating not to feed the Iguanas.

The other thing I was not expecting was it to be a desert. You think island in the Caribbean and you with of Jamaica or St. Marten with beautiful lush green trees, crystal blue waters and sandy beaches. No, Cuba did not have these things. Well they did have the crystal blue waters you could see straight to the bottom of. But sandy beaches and lush greenery- nope. There were cacti cacti everywhere.

Apparently due to being at the very bottom of Cuba, that area doesn't get a lot of rainfall. Something about the rain stays at the north or goes to Jamaica, anyways it was more like a barren rock desert than the tropical paradise I was expecting. Which is not to say I didn't have a good trip. I spent almost everyday either on the beach, on a pontoon boat or kayaking. I got to have Cuban lobster which are delicious and huge. iMac's stepmom is a great cook and so I have zero bad things to say about the food on the trip. Plus iMac's family is awesome and fun, so I cannot complain at all about the trip (except the plane ride), and I came back tan!

I would definitely go back to Cuba if I had the chance, plus maybe with the restrictions being lifted I might be able to go to the actual Cuban side next time.
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