Thursday, November 6, 2014

Growing up-ish

I finally reached that moment when I realized, Fuck I'm an adult. 

I'm not entirely sure when it happened. I mean turned 30 and it didn't feel any different than turning 25 or 21 or 18. Yet, somehow I have realized that I am a fully-functioning adult and that concerns me.

I guess this really shouldn't come as all that much of a surprise to me. I am thirty; I've managed to hold down the same job for an entire year and I don't hate it and plan to leave ASAP. I got married this year and now (if you follow my Twitter feed you already know this), Imac and I are shopping for a house. 

House Hunting has been bitter sweet at best. The only reason we have the money to buy a house right now (as opposed to August when we had originally intended) is because iMac's grandfather died and iMac got part of his mother's inheritance. I'm not going to the whole story with iMac grandfather and the inheritance and their nonsense. Lets just some it up with rich people are crazy and I'm suddenly glad my family is poor middle class and there will be no money to fight over.

Back to the adult thing, so iMac and I have been shopping for houses and we keep finding ones we like only to have them go under contract like the next day. It's been totally devastating to fall in love with a house only to have it snatched out from under you. Fortunately, we put an offer on this massive 3000 sq ft house, which is more space than we will ever use, and after waiting a week they finally accepted our offer. 

The house is a foreclosure which means we are getting it cheaper than what its worth, even though its about 30K over the amount we wanted to spend on a house.  That being said it comes with no appliances so we have to buy all of those and we have to have it re-fenced or the dogs are going to escape.  Basically we are spending so much money on this house its ridiculous and secretly I am terrified our mortgage loan is going to fall through.

Our biggest problem so far is that iMac and I can't agree on basic things like what color we should paint the dining room or if we should get stainless steel appliances or slate appliances. First world problems, I know. On the plus side, the new house has so many cabinets that my husband will never do this again:

So even though I am an adult, I am clearly still neurotic and paranoid (also we close dec 10th, party at my house!!).

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