Thursday, November 20, 2014

Do You Love Your Pet?

Do you love your pet? Would you be sad if you had to get rid of them? Does the idea of getting rid of them make you want to cry?

If so, you will empathize with this story. So one of my coworkers, Carmen, is stuck between a rock and a hard place. See Carmen has been living with her best friend at her best friend's parents house (she does pay rent there but its $350). The parents are currently living 2 states away, so its been NBD. However, a couple weeks ago BF's dad lost his job so the parents are moving back to this house.

 This wouldn't be a big deal, but BF's mom is allergic to cats and Carmen has a cat named Bonk that she loves and can't bear to give up. She found this cat on her backporch one Christmas Eve a long time ago looking all busted after just getting into a fight. She nursed it back to health and love it dearly and dresses it up in silly costumes.

Anyways, so Carmen is being forced to move out to keep her cat. Unfortunately Carmen is 22, works a full-time job and is putting herself through college. So poor she is. So being that this is 2014 and the internets, we are helping her raise money for the all the deposits she needs to move.

 So if you have ever loved your pet so much that you are willing to be homeless to keep it, please go donate some moneys to Carmen's Go Fund Me. Any amount of money will help and its will be totally appreciated. 

Help us internet, you are our only hope to keep this cat!


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