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SMM: Savior Complexes and How Can These Bitches Fly?

Episode 8: Sailor V

We open where the last episode left off, with Sailor Moon being saved by Sailor V and her badass self. Sailor Moon is all "are you Sailor V?" *Fangirl Squeal*

Cut to Queen Beryl looking none fucking pleased that there is yet another meddlesome kid she has to deal with.

The other Sailor Scouts get to their feet and Rei, the ever keenful one, points out that she doesn't look like the Sailor V that they are used to seeing. I'm really glad they brought this up because the costume change was weird to not be mentioned. Sailor V says this is true because she normally wears this mask. Sailor Moon is all YAYAY it is Sailor V!!! when Artmeis (the little white cat) cuts her off saying its rude because she's not just Sailor V she is also Princess Serenity of the Silver Millennium, Moon Kingdom (**my thoughts on this later) and Sailor Moon's eyes get even wider than I thought possible.

~*Shiny Makeup Moonlight Song*~

Sailor Moon is all YAY princess when the tiara on her head changes shape into bullhorns (???) and then she has a flashback to the Silver Millennium but can't quite grab onto it. Only then does she realize Zoisite is still behind her trying to kill her. Zoisite disappears back into nothingness and Tuxedo Mask gets all freaked out by Princess Serenity and hightails it out of there while Usagi cries out after him. Tuxedo Mask gets all pouty because he's shitty at protecting people.

Sailor V comes down off the roof and applauds Sailor Moon for doing such a good job. I have to say this scene smacks of being patted on the head, being told you did a good job and now let the grown-ups take over. Sailor Moon doesn't get this condescension I see because she is way too engrossed on her idol standing right in front of here.

Sailor V then says she has been instructing them all on how to fight through the Sailor V game and Usagi suddenly seems like less of a hallucinating nut-job. Luna chimes in on the communicator and Sailor V is "bitch I took care of this I will meet you soon." Sailor V changes back into her human girl mode and introduces herself as Minako Aino. This scene really shows how much they managed to make Mina and Usagi look almost identical.

The scouts all make there way to the underground arcade command center and Luna apologizes that she couldn't come meet the princess. The Scouts ask where Mina has been all this time and she says she met Artemis long before they had met Luna. Mina had taken it upon her 14 year old girl self to investigate all the crime in Tokyo because you know being a super hero is every 14 year old girl's dream. After a while she realized there was a dark evil lurking behind all of these crimes.  Mina realizes its the same person who destroyed the Silver Millenium before. She says that they had managed to seal her away but that the seal was broken and they need to seal her away for good otherwise she will steal everyone's happiness.

Sailor Moon then asks where the Legendary Silver Crystal is and its at this point you realize Sailor V has been lying because she says she hid the crystal away for safekeeping, which any 5 year old kid can tell you is code for "I don't know where it is, but I don't want you to know that."

The Scouts say that the princess can count on them to help protect her. They part ways and Mina and Artemis walk home. Mina realizes the other Sailor Scouts will soon remember everything and that she needs to get this shit wrapped up before that happens. Artemis chimes in that Mina can count on them and that she doesn't need to fight alone. Mina is having none of this bullshit, as home-girl has a mission that can't be completed by anyone else.

We then cut to flashbacks of the silver Millenium in Usagi's dream where she screams out to Mamoru but calls him Endymion and he calls her Princess Serenity. I need to start taking shots everytime someone  in this show has a flashback that tells them everything but they can't figure it the fuck out. Usagi wakes up and convinces herself its all a dream. She convinces herself it was because she met the princess the other day and not because common sense says otherwise.

Usagi is walking through the park and is contemplating how it feels like Sailor V is hiding something from her and for once I applaud that Usagi has some of sixth sense about something because the character has starting to seem a little oblivious. Usagi runs into Mamoru and they have a cut little interchange where he's sorry he couldn't protect her and she's all I stole your pocketwatch like a creeper. He says that he has something of hers that he needs to trade back anyways.

Luna walks off sad-faced because she can't protect Usagi from falling in love with Tuxedo Mask. Just then Artemis shows up being all "we've been keeping things from you and we should probably tell you the truth." I like this turn of events because in the original Anime it felt like Luna pulled all the shots and kept Usagi in the dark. This time around even she is in the dark and it feels less like a betrayal.

In the dark kingdom, Queen Beryl and Metallica (Metalia) are discussing the Princess Serenity and how to lure her out and get the Crystal for themselves. Kunzite shows up and is all let me be your humble servant. Kunzite then speaks directly to Sailor V demanding that she bring the Crystal at once to the tower or he is going to kill everyone in Tokyo. For good measure Kunzite even turns off all the power to the city. See pretty boys of the apocalypse, this is how a real threat works. Even though Artemis tells her its a trap, Minako demands to go to see Kunzite alone even blowing off dinner with the other Sailor Scouts.

Luna then alerts the scouts to the blackout and Usagi is all "mamo-chan" and we cut to Mamoru having a dream about the princess, thinking someone was calling him and waking up to the blackout. Considering we were just talking about dinner in the last scene, either Mamoru is a vampire who sleeps all day or just took an extra long nap after school.

Back to Minako, who transforms into Sailor V and I have to say this is one of my favorite transformations.  It's very similar to the Sailor Moon transformation but shorter,

She and Kunzite have a bit of a of conversation where he demands the crystal and she's like no. She throws her boomerang, it bounces off him, he throws green energy at her, she tries to convince him of his previous life. Fangirls every where get all squeally.  Then the Sailor Scouts uses their own green energy bubble (?) to teleport to the roof of the building to save Sailor V. Sailor V tries to tell them to leave because its too dangerous and the scouts are all 'but we are such good friends we can't leave you alone to fight even though we met you less than 48 hours ago."

The scouts all attack, Sailor Moon tries her moon healing escalation, which doesn't work and then Kunzite starts blowing bitches up. The scouts try to bubble off the roof, but Sailor Moon gets knocked out and of course who comes to save the day (hint: its not Mighty Mouse)?  Tuxedo mask, who catches Sailor Moon before she plummets to her death,

Usagi is all you came to save me again and then is like "boy it's too dangerous for you here, let us girls fight this battle" before she kisses him and jumps away. Mamoru then has a long introspective about how Usagi has so many sides and how he is totes obssessed with her and her bun-hair.

Sailor Moon then jumps into the air and floats there for an unnaturally long time, which I don't get. Is this supposed to be one of her super-powers? I have to say its better than the sonic crying from Episode 1. Kunzite goes to attack and then Tuxedo Mask jumps into the way to save Sailor Moon and they both float in the air until they are knocked away and the episode ends in true Anime style with a cliffhanger.

** Spoiler Alert: do not read if you don't know what is going to happen**

Okay you were warned. There was a lot of talk on tumblr about Sailor V lying about being the Princess. Some people argued that she didn't know she wasn't really the Princess. My read on this is that Minako knows full well that Usagi is the Princess. In the Manga, Sailor V was the Princess' bodyguard and double. Sailor V would pretend to be the Princess to keep her safe. It seems clear that Sailor Moon Crystal staying much more true to the Manga. Sailor V knows that Usagi is the princess but feels like its her duty to keep her safe, hence all the "I can do this alone" and "its my job and burden to bear" stuff that we get from Sailor V in this episode.

**Spoilers ended**

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