Thursday, October 2, 2014

Judgy McJudgerson Judges the New Fall Premieres

 So I recently upgraded my Tivo to a fancy new model (the Roamio- it is perfect name because I would run away with this box) that happens to record 6 shows at once and have entirely too much free space on it. So I figured I would grade a few of the new buzzy shows this season, these are the results


Red Band Society

Pros: Octavia Spencer, Ricky from My So-Called Life (Wilson Cruz), Sexy Dave Annabell and some adorably cute dying teenagers.
Cons: It's about dying teenagers who live in the hospital, so the chance of death is high
Thoughts: The mean-girl cheerleader who is dying from a bad heart is funny but she gets old fast. It hurts to watch brilliant but emotionally-fragile Emma as the anorexic but the lead character Jordi is adorable and potentially the first to die. Really the best parts aren't the kids but the Hospital Staff. I wanna be Octavia Spencer's snarky nurse when I grow up and Ricky is the perfect wing-man to her character. I can't help but want to root for rookie Nurse Dobler even though she clearly kind of ditzy.
Verdict: Even iMac is hooked

How to Get Away with Murder

Pros: Viola Davis, twistier than a roller coaster, Lawyer verbiage
Cons: too much cast, more secrets than a 13 year-old girls diary
Thoughts: Viola Davis' star presence totally stole the show in the first episode but the secondary and tertiary characters are too thinly written to stand-up to her. Granted its the first episode and they only had an hour to set-up everything. I'm hoping the supporting cast gets a little more depth. Also, the roller coaster twists and turns have the potential to get old fast especially when everyone is keeping secrets.
Verdict: Intrigued but could go south quick

Pros: The Casting, Good Premise
Cons: The title, the writing
Thoughts: So this was pitched as "My Fair Lady" updated for the modern world and I was all "THAT SOUNDS AWESOME." I was thoroughly let down though. The casting is good for the show but its quickly became a caricature of all the vapid shallow things that people do now a days. I'm not saying there aren't people like lead character Eliza Dooley but you don't want to watch them on tv. Plus they lost me when Eliza goes to beg Henry to make her a better person. Bitch please, pick yourself up. You don't need a man to change you, you can change you at any time.
Verdict: Dads was funnier

So what about you guys? Anything I should check-out that I haven't yet?


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