Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Don't Freak Out: Marriage Edition

So you  guys might remember that I got engaged in May and then promptly broke the zipper of my wedding dress in June (and then cried). Well I am pleased to announce that on August 15th, iMac and I eloped in Savannah, Georgia.

This is not to say that everything went according to plan. In true, Coyote Rose fashion I was a complete nervous wreck/pain-in the ass about everything. As I previously said I broke the zipper of my wedding dress literally ten minutes after getting the dress and that doesn't bode well for anything. So originally iMac and I were going to elope on 8/8. I picked the date on purpose because iMac is forgetful and I hoped that would help him remember. I repeatedly asked iMac to check his calender to make sure he didn't have anything going on that weekend (remember this, it will come up later). After assuring me that he was open that weekend,  I signed a contract with the fabulous woman who runs Elope to Savannah and stopped worrying about it.

Three weeks later I am flipping through my newsfeed and I get one of those ads saying "so-and-so" is going to this conference. This particular so-and-so happened to be one of my developer coworkers and he happened to be going to a conference that iMac's job was hosting. The date? 8/8.

Cue freak out. I think I yelled at iMac for about 3 days straight about this. He had apparently not written down this conference anywhere on anything. Luckily, the nice lady at Elope to Savannah let me push the date off a week to 8/15. The date isn't nearly as cool as 8/8 but I will deal.

Of course what happens next? About two weeks later, iMac gets offer a job with an 60% salary promotion and promptly leaves his old job for this new one. Freeing up the 8/8 date and making me want to get all stabby with my-soon-to-be-husband. Granted the extra $$ he is making at his new job pacified me quite a bit, but still.

Anyways, so the elopement came and went more or less without a hitch. However, because we were doing it out of town and I need the marriage license to get my passport fairly soon (iMac and I are going to Cuba for Christmas), we wanted to get the certified marriage license the same day as the wedding. I didn't think this would be a big deal. The wedding was at 3 p.m., the marriage license office closed at 4:30. Simply enough right?

I love this picture

Of course not. First the court house website lied and the marriage license office closed at 4, which was cutting it dangerously close. Luckily, the square we got married in was within just a few minutes walking distance from the courthouse so I wasn't too concerned. We did the marriage, then the photoshoot that felt like it was never going to end and this is mostly because I hate having my picture taken and finished at about 3:35 pm more than enough time to walk over to the courthouse.

As we leave to walk to the courthouse, however, the skies open up and it starts monsooning on us. Not ten minutes earlier it had been nothing but blue skies and now its a torrential downpour and I'm in my wedding dress and without an umbrella. iMac and I manage to walk under trees (thank you Savannah!) for most of the walk and then cut through the Savannah welcome center. Of course as we are doing this the rain gets worse and I don't want to go back out in the rain because hello I am in my wedding dress.

So my husband of all of 45 minutes saves the day and takes off his flip-flops and runs in the pouring down rain the last 1/4 of a mile to the courthouse, while I sit on the welcome center stairs. He returns about 20 minutes later, soaking wet with our marriage license. I'm pretty sure I made out with his face for 10 minutes as a prize. We waited another 5-10 minutes on the welcome center steps until the rain magically disappeared as quickly as it came.

So now I am officially married and it still feels weird....
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