Thursday, August 7, 2014

This Ain't A Scene, It's a Fall Out Boy Concert

So I have made no effort to hide my unabashed love of Fall Out Boy on this blog before. I've reviewed their cd, I've talked about seeing them in concert. I will admit to being a total Fall Out Boy Fan and being such a fan I attended yet another one of their concerts. This will make for the third time I have seen Fall Out Boy in concert, which is 2 times more than I have seen any other band in concert. This is possibly because the Foo Fighters don't play too many shows on the East Coast but also because FOB is awesome.

Anyways several months ago I was alerted that FOB was going to be doing a show in St. Augustine which is about 45 minutes away from my house. After giving iMac sad puppy eyes and a pouty face, he agreed to go with me making it also the first concert I have ever drug him to. Originally the line-up was supposed to be FOB and Paramore but for whatever reason Paramore dropped out sometime after I bought tickets and were replaced with some band I have never heard of.

So I got the tickets and the show started at 7:30, considering its an opening act I have never heard of iMac and I weren't in rush to get to the show on time. We figured FOB wouldn't go on stage until closer to 9 pm anyways. So we show up at about 7:45 and find out the parking lot is full and to park anywhere else nearby is $20 and of course we don't have cash. So we go to the gas station get money from the ATM, finally get parking and walk to the concert making it there about 8:05 pm.... just as Fall Out Boy is coming out onto the stage. Clearly their opening act could not take the Florida humidity (this being an outside venue and all) and did like half a set. If you have never been to Florida in the summer, the humidity is a lot like this:

So we managed to get to our seats just in time to stand for the next two hours.  My first inital thoughts during the opening song were: Patrick Stump clearly has lost weight; good for him and they have been on stage for less than 2 minutes and they are dripping in sweat. Obviously FOB wasn't prepped for the Florida humidity either because they were all in skinny black jeans and black shirts and black hoodies except for the drummer who had the good sense to take his shirt off. I'm pretty sure the entire band lost 3 gallons of sweat during their show that night.

Anyways the concert was amazing and having seen FOB in concert twice before you'd think I'd be ready for it and yet they managed to find way to surprise me like: Patrick Stump and Andy Hurley having a massive drum off during the break between sets (sorry if these pictures aren't the greatest).

Patrick Stump playing the piano that rose up out of nowhere on the back of the stage, while signing Queen's We Are the Champions too.

The giant flotilla of balloon balls they decided to have us toss around during a song (I can't remember which one anymore).

All in all it was an amazing show and not only did I have fun it appears iMac had fun too. Granted he was double fisting beers during the show but whatever. He did say after the show was finished that they put on a really good show and were clearly a talented group of guys. I take this as a good sign coming from a guy whose favorite bands are Cake and 311 and tends to go with mellower (read hippie-pot-smoking) music overall.

My favorite part of the whole concert was that I told iMac that at every Fall Out Boy concert there is the one token dad who doesn't want to be there with a pack of screaming teenagers. Luckily for me, we were standing right by him.

The dad in the white shirt stood with his arms-crossed looking sullen for the entire concert. It was funny everyone around him was dancing and singing and he just stood there looking grumpy. Towards the end of the concert we finally spotted his much shorter wife next to him who was her hands covering her ears and was clearly miserable at the loudness at the concert.

There was a drunk young guy that was 2 rows in front of us that was clearly there on behest of his girlfriend (no judgement here) who was dancing and getting down all night too. He was hilarious to watch dance and kept making a joke of himself but alas every time I started to videotape him he would stop dancing.

Anyways it was so much fun it almost makes me less sad I missed FOB's last tour where Panic at the Disco opened for them... almost.


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