Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Is Still A Thing People Do?

So like most normal people I listed to the radio on the way to the work every morning. Recently getting heavy rotation on the radio is this song Rude by the band Magic. If you have been living under a rock, here is this song for you.

So the basic premise of the song is pretty simple. Guy is in love with a girl and goes to the girl's dad asking to marry her. The dad says no and guy gets all upset and says the dad is being rude and he's going to marry this girl anyway. Now I'm not entirely sure the dad is being rude per-say, I mean we don't have any reason why he is saying no.

But it got me thinking, is this still a thing? Do guys expect to go to their girlfriend's fathers and ask for their hands in marriage?

I mean I know it still happens. UNC-Sis just got engaged and her fiance went to our stepfather to ask for my sister's hand in marriage and I'm pretty sure my stepdad was like "yeah okay."

 The whole thing just seems bizarre to me though. I mean when I told iMac about my sister getting engaged and her fiance, I told him that if he had asked for permission to marry me I would have said no on principle. It just seems so antiquated. The idea that I belong to my father (or stepfather) and that another man needs permission to obtain me. It makes me feel like a possession and not a person. I might a well have a dowry and bedding ceremony too.

But between this song and my sister, I am starting to wonder if maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way. So Internets tell me: did your husband/boyfriend ask your father's permission to marry you? Or if you are not married, would you expect your significant other to ask for your hand in marriage? Is this something as a society we still do?


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