Thursday, July 31, 2014

5 Things I Miss about North Carolina (and some things I don't)

You can take the girl out of North Carolina but you can't take the North Carolina out of the girl. Well apparently you can since technically I was born in New Jersey, but whatever, semantics. Living in South Carolina and now Florida, there are just some things I miss about North Carolina like:

1. Never being more than 20 miles from Krispy Kreme
Honestly I'm not really a huge doughnut fan, but there was something about driving through NC and seeing Krispy Kremes everywhere. If you are ever in the mood for a doughnut this is the state for you.

2. Cook-out
Oh the joys of Cook-out. If you have never been to one- you don't know what you are missing. A cheeseburger, onion rings and a milkshake at 2 am for $4.75 is amazing. I can only hope that one day they expand to Florida.

3. College Rivalries
Technically we have college rivalries in Florida but its all about Florida- Georgia. Forget that, give me ECU, UNC, NC State, Duke, Wake Forest and Appalachian State all hating each other. That's real college sports. There was so much trash-talking in NC for every sport it is ridiculous. I have to say I missing seeing Greenville being covered in people wearing purple. Go Pirates!

4. Insane weather
 North Carolina weather is just special. I have literally had a day where I started out in winter clothes and was wearing sandals by the end of the day and having a hurricane that night.  I remember switching between heat and air condition everyday in fall and spring. In Florida, its just fucking hot. I even miss the freaking out for the few snow flurries that we would get each year and how everything closed.

5. Listening to people fight about Barbeque 
 Somehow this post is more about food than I would like. Again not a huge fan of BBQ, but nothing is funnier than watching Eastern NC people and Western NC people fighting about BBQ. The fight boils down to this Eastern NC uses the whole hog and vinegar and peppers. Western BBQ uses the shoulder area with vinegar, peppers, ketchup and sugar.  People fight over which one is better pretty regularly, especially in college towns where there is a mix of people. This is such a thing there is even a Wikipedia page about North Carolina BBQ. And god forbid if a South Carolinian enters this fight (SC BBQ uses a mustard base) then its going to be an all day battle.

On the flip side I definitely don't miss: Anything to do with taxes in North Carolina. The State-income tax, the gas tax, the vehicle emissions tests; North Carolina was a taxing fucking state. Also Hurricanes, as weird as it is North Carolina gets significantly more Hurricanes than Florida.

Oh North Carolina how I miss you.... just enough to visit.

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