Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Vacation: Had to Getaway

So last week iMac and I embarked on a cruise to the Caribbean (which I managed to get on without a passport). To say that this vacation was desperately needed is an understatement. The last year has just been crazy with my job problems and then moving and finding new jobs. iMac and I have just not been able to get away and relax like we wanted to. Plus work has been just crazy crazy with projects and overtime and stress.

So trust me the minute we got on the boat it was like all the stress just lifted off our shoulders. That being said the 5.5 hour trip from where we live in Florida to Miami to make the ship caused me to nearly kill iMac. We took a wrong turn in Miami (easy to do) and cut it super close. We managed to check in just 15 minutes before check-in closed. If we had missed the boat after driving almost 6 hours, I probably would have cried and then killed iMac.
It was really windy on the boat.

I won't lie we spent the better part of the first afternoon/night napping in our room. iMac and I frankly lazy bastards. We did make it to dinner in the dining room where I had the best brisket I have ever had in my life. For anyone who hasn't been on a cruise, the food is literally the best thing ever. Not only is it a 24 hour buffet but the food is incredible too. I firmly believe if you don't come back 5 pounds heavier after a cruise, you did something wrong. Unfortunately, iMac doesn't let me instagram my food anymore (I have to do it when he's not watching), so there are no cruise food pics.

We spent the next day of the cruise (just a day at sea) hanging out on the pool deck watching the Mr. Hairy Legs contest and being complete dumbasses. iMac is a natural redhead and I'm pasty-as-fuck and yet neither of us thought to put on sunscreen when we decided to hang out on the deck in the Caribbean. We were only out there maybe 1.5-2 hours and yet iMac literally turned into lobster boy. I was burnt too but not to the point where I looked like I had been set on fire like iMac.

This was really not a good thing since we had 4 more days in the Caribbean and the next two days being in Jamaica and Grand Cayman. We got really lucky, we went to Dunn River Fall's in Jamaica which is this gorgeous waterfall in like the middle of the jungle. So we were in waist-deep in water and covered by beautiful forest for most of our time there.

How gorgeous is this?

We didn't climb all the way to the top of the waterfall (its 600 feet long and 180 feet high) because I nearly twisted my ankle at one of the middle parts. Plus it started down pouring during the middle of the climb and it felt like little icy bullets on my skin.

But trying to leave the falls was an adventure.To get out of the area back to where the bus stop was, you have to go through a little market full of vendors. I've been to NYC multiple times and I have never had to deal with such pushy salesmen. These guys would call you over and shove things into your hands telling you they were free only to tell you five minutes later you had to pay for them. iMac and I had literally three dollars of cash and no credit card on us, and these guys did not take that for an answer. We finally got away from the first one only to run into a second one doing the same thing (he actually gave us necklaces for our 3 bucks). So we get away from the second guy and we've already wasted like 10 minutes, and so I'm in NJ bitch mode. I've got my head down, not making eye-contact, walking fast and if anyone talked to me I would say I was interested.

You're trapped on all sides

Unfortunately, iMac is from Charleston. So moving quickly and not talking to people isn't in his nature. I lost him while trying to get out and finally found him with a third peddler doing the same spiel as the first two.  I finally get him away from that one and he lets another peddler (this time female) do this. We wasted over 30 minutes with 4 different salespeople doing this to us when we had no cash. Finally, I grabbed iMac by the wrist and drug him out of there since he was perfectly alright with letting every single one of these salespeople give him the same dog-and-pony show about buying something even though we had no cash. I had to cut short a fifth one with a quick "we have no cash" to even get out of the place.

I mean I know this is these people's livelihood's but damn people back-off. There was actually one girl waiting for the bus with us that had like 8 different things she had bought.
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