Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Need an Acre and a Donkey

So iMac and I have been thinking about buying a house. We actually weren't thinking about it at all and then one of my coworkers was doing the final walk-through of her new house, then another coworker up and bought a house over a weekend and we got to thinking about it.

Mostly iMac got to thinking about it and how it would be a better investment then renting. Now I can't disagree with him on that point. We pay $1000 in rent every month and that could be much better spent going to a house that we would eventually own. Plus we have spent close to $500 bucks just trying to make the backyard enjoyable/livable as the previous tenants of the house clearly did not care to kill the weeds or keep grass growing. One-fourth of our chain link fence was so covered in weeds and vines so thick that our dogs could have gotten lost in them.
It looked a lot like this

Anyways during the whole house-buying discussion this happened:

Rose: we should wait more than a year on the house maybe.
 we should probably be married before we buy a house, as much as that hurts me to say
iMac: yeah its the only financially responsible thing to do
Rose: the being married or the waiting a couple years?
 iMac: married within 1.5 years. consider it a proposal
Rose: hahaha, that is the worst proposal ever. I demand a better one
iMac: I'll have to bury a ring inside a 5 pound gummy bear and make you eat it out
Rose: I'm just saying, I'm not a business negotiation
iMac: I expect an acre and a donkey as a dowry.

Because this is a the relationship I am in folks. For the record I don't consider it a real proposal and I fully expect something better from the real one. Let's hope he won't really make me eat a 5 lb gummy bear.

Update: During the writing of this post, iMac proposed. Now he did it so he could use the engagement ring as a birthday present, but whatever.  He did it the Saturday before my birthday. He baked me a cake and then proposed. No, he didn't get down on one knee.

Also my respond when he asked went something like this: "Are you sure? Like really sure? sure, sure? I'm crazy and neurotic and a pain in the ass. Do you really want to do this? Are you sure? Really?"

Once he confirmed that he did in fact want to do this (still not sure why), I said yes. I couldn't say no, this ring is way too pretty and pink!

So expect lots of blog updates about wedding crap. Mostly because I want to elope and iMac wants to have a wedding, so were at an impasse about what we are going to do. I'm pretty sure I am going to cave, which means I will have to do all of the planning for this wedding....ugh
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