Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Holiday Chronicles (or Forced Time with Family)

So I realized I never blogged about the holidays, so time for a quick round up of stories.

A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

We originally were going to go to my parents house for Thanksgiving, but last minute we found out that one of iMac's sisters was hosting Thanksgiving at her house in SC, so we opted to go there. We left after work and drove six hours with Nixon and Kennedy in the back driving us completely nuts the whole way. We got to SC around 11 and promptly passed out in our cheap hotel room.

Apparently, the sister hosting Thanksgiving has recently become vegan (her husband, thankfully, has not). So we got to hear all about her being vegan and how its so hard to go anywhere to eat. I don't want to say iMac and his sister got into a fight over the welfare of the animals that we eat, but there was a disagreement where his sister stomped out of the room being like "I can't listen to this anymore."

I Need to Find a White Dress

The other highlight of Thanksgiving was that iMac's stepmom is fairly religious and didn't really take to the two of us living together and not being married. More importantly she really wants grandkids and seemed to think iMac and I getting married would achieve that (even though she has two married daughters as it is). She pounced on me about getting married and when I pretty much flat out told her that iMac was in charge of that decision, she pounced on him.

It was pretty much two days of suggesting to iMac that he better marry me soon and trying to figure out when my wedding should be. I half expected her to demand a list of my bridesmaids and what the wedding colors were going to be. After we left, anytime the word wedding was brought up iMac went into convulsions and needed to change the subject. I had to prep my family not to use the word for Christmas, for fear that iMac might run out of the house screaming.

Boys and Their Toys

So Christmas shopping for iMac is always a little challenging because he has everything he wants, so finding things to buy him can be hard. Luckly, we had gotten free tickets to a Jaguars game not that long ago and when we were there he saw someone with a Jagurs hat where the ears moved up and down. He drug me to every NFL shop in the Jaguars stadium looking for this hat. Now granted he was two beers deep when he did this. So after the game I went online and found the hat and bought it for him.

Doesn't he look thrilled
He had also been telling me that he wanted a remote control helicopter for awhile. We had seen one on King of the Nerds (yes, this is a real TV show), and he was like "I wants I wants." Unfortunately, the one on the show was out of my price range. So I had picked out a nice on on Amazon and when i went to buy it, the price had doubled making it out of my price range. So I went on eBay and found another one and quickly ordered it (lucky for me too, 4 days later the price on it doubled as well). The one I ended up getting was smaller than I imagined but came with a video camera.

 Like a five year old child, iMac had to take it out to play right away.... and then he promptly flew it right into the overgrown lot next to my parents house. It took us 30 minutes of search through waist high brush and bushes to find the damn thing. He managed to not loose it again, but he was playing with it before we left to drive home and managed to get it stuck on my parents roof.

crawling on the roof

Good use of teeth

In Conclusion

All in all the holidays were fun. My mom got Lil' Miss Sis Disney Headbandz, which turned out to be hilarious to play with 4 adults. iMac and Unc-Sis' boyfriends could not figure out what Disney characters they were and it was so funny seeing them get so frustrated. Unc-Sis's boyfriend must have asked if he was a lion 6 times when his card was Bambi.

Obligatory picture of my sisters being cute

iMac's family was nice and fun and except the badgering about getting married, we both managed to survive the holidays without too much permanent scarring. But thank god I don't have to do any of this again until next year.
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