Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Surviving Florida

So I've officially been in Florida for about a week and a half now, and I can already tell you that its different than South Carolina. I mean I only moved six hours south but six hours and two states is a heck of a difference.

Not that I don't like it here, so far I am liking Florida quite a bit. I mean its got a lot of pros but some cons too.

  • I'm in a much bigger city, so there is about 1000 more things to see and do

  • The food, OMG,  the food. Here is just a short list of restaurants I have now that I didn't have in Myrtle Beach: Cheesecake Factory, Panera Bread, Pei Wei, Burrito Gallery, J. Alexanders and about two dozen local places I am dying to try.
I try not to look like this at these restaurants

  •  The beach here is about a million times nicer with the added bonus of not having as many tourists (granted it could be the time of year too).

  • Being in a much bigger city means a lot more traffic and crazier streets. I have gotten lost no less than three times within twenty miles of my house. There seems to be a lot more road rage here too. Also, why are there like no left turns in Florida? 

  • Going outside feels like this:
  •  Not necessarily because its so much hotter here then in SC, its only about five-ten degrees warmer here but the humidity is insane. The dogs don't even want to go on long walks. After about five minutes they give me this look like "fuck you bitch, it's hot."

  • The mosquitoes in Florida are insane. They are like three times the size of the mosquitoes in SC. I mean South Carolina has some huge bugs of its own but I have never seen mosquitoes so big. I mean they even do news reports on them.
Look at the size of those things!

I have the feeling surviving Florida is going to be interesting.
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