Thursday, July 25, 2013

Out of Proportion

So I've known for a long time that I am completely out of proportion. By that I mean my body is totally disproportionate.

This all started years ago when I was clothes shopping. I found that I would get jeans in my size but the regulars would be too long and the shorts would be too short. I would complain about it and that's when G-Fab told me that I was all tits and legs and that got me thinking. So I pulled out a measuring tape and checked and low and behold he was right. My legs make up 58% of my body, where as my torso is considerably smaller. Kinda like the girl on the right here:

I can hear girls yelling at me now: "But Tits you have super long legs!"

Yes, I do but that comes with its own set of problems especially when your boobs are Ds. For one whenever I buy pants I can't find them in the right length. They are either too short or too long or don't fit around my hips. It's really obnoxious. Also I HATE tucking in my shirt, which I often have to do for jobs. It's like wearing a huge bat signal that I have no torso at all. It literally looks like my boobs end and my legs start and I personally think it looks really funny.

Also when it comes to buying tank tops or dresses, I have to find the ones with the adjustable straps because my torso is so short that regular straps are too long and fall off my shoulders all the time. Even with my bras I spend half the time pulling up the straps because my boobs are too close to my shoulders. Plus the longer my legs are means the more hair I have to shave off of them. So for all you girls out there who always wanted longer legs, lets just say I'd trade with you one day just to see what it is like to be proportionate.

Also I realize these are all first world problems and I'm totally just being whiny.

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