Thursday, June 13, 2013

That Dress is Fugly

I've had this blog post in mind for awhile but do to some things unrelated to this blog I couldn't post it. Those things are no longer a concern, so here it goes. I used to spend a lot of time looking a prom dresses for work. I didn't work for a designers, just a reseller, and in that time I found some incredibly fugly ass prom dresses. I mean many dresses were Slutty McWhorey, but some were just plan awful. Here are just a few of my favorite ugly prom dresses.

I came across this dress jumpsuit and immediately had to share it with everyone i knew. This is so fugly I don't even know how the designer thought it was a good idea. I mean its a nude bodysuit with silver sequins randomly thrown on it. It's like a glitter gun exploded on fabric and someone was like "I should make a dress out of this." The worst part, this dress comes in like size 28. Bitch, nobody should be wearing this monstrosity let alone someone who is bigger than a size 4. It's just going to show off every bad part of a girl's body.

I wanna look like a butterfly. WTF is this shit? Its only appropriate for a Mardi Gras or a Halloween party. This is a dress designer that just too a design idea way way way too literally.

This dress makes me sad on multiple levels. First it looks like a crayon box melted on top of a dress. But even worse this dress comes from Jonathan Kayne, who was one of my favorite Project Runway designers.Oh Kayne, how far you have fallen since designing pageant dresses.

The 1980s called and want their dress back. This is like a taffeta nightmare. I mean grey and taffetta and pick-ups and a bolero jacket = epic suck. This dress is just a way to torture some girl.

Would you guys wear any of these dresses?

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