Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm in Miami (part 3)

So after the conference was over I had Friday off to do whatever I wanted until we flew back home. Unfortunately I did not get to see Late Lorraine because we could not get our schedules to sync up before I had to head back to the airport at 6 (Sadface).

I did, however, get to wander around Miami and take some pictures.

This awesome chair was out front of my hotel
I can only hope this is a restaurant
Awesome Fountain

Inside Dylan's Candy Bar. It killed me not to buy anything

Relaxing on the Beach. How gorgeous is that water?

This was a shirt for a toddler. WTF?
Pretty Windows.
My awesome swag from the conference.

All in all it was pretty fun trip. I worked hard. I met some awesome people and I got tan.
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