Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quotes From Work or Why I Love My Job

So I haven't talked about my job in awhile. Last time I informed you guys I had just start a new gig and I was in love with it. Well four months later, I am still in love with it. I work as a "digital content specialist"for an internet marketing company. In short, I write SEO blogs and copy for websites. It's kind of awesome because I am constantly being asked to write something new or different and it allows me to stretch my vocabulary. In the last week I have managed to get d├ęcolletage, sumptuous, opulent, and myriad into my work.

But the best part about this job is that my coworkers are awesome.

I mean seriously I love them. They are all weird and quirky and funny and snarky and like me, which is a nice change of pace. We just moved into a new office and we all got new Imacs (the computers not my boyfriend obviously). They determined we all needed to get spirit animals, basically little figurines for the top of our computers. Current spirit animals in the office include an Iron Man, an Alpaca, a Pegasus and more.

Of course R2-D2 is mine

But the best part is all the ridiculous stuff that gets said in the office, which I have taken to documenting on my work twitter account. Here are just a few great quotes presented without any commentary:

  • It's not a good morning unless you get shot in the head.
  • Guatemalans don't understand the Tijuana Donkey Show.
  • I feel like a negative paternity test on Maury Povich. Everything is going good for me.
  • He's so cute he'd make a good lesbian.
  • I've found two awesome things to do with Peeps- chocolate covered, and use them as nipple covers.
  • We should have speedo day at work.
  • Thats the way to determine someone's worth in this world- can they draw a penis?
  • If I was a midget I'd dress up like a cowboy and ride a shetland pony.
  • It's like having the rabbid honey badger in the office.
  • It's not rape if you yell surprise. other coworker: Lets not call it rape, it's a snuggle struggle.

This is the best job ever.
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