Thursday, March 28, 2013

They're Like a Black Hole

So I have a large issue...

My boobs.

Apparently I finally live up to the nickname "Coyote Tits." I've never really had a problem with my boobs before. I have always found them to be just the right size and shape for my body. They weren't too big and not too small and they didn't get in my way... until recently. I just started a new birth control regiment and the pills have made my boobs get bigger. I'm now pretty well into D territory and I'm not sure how much bigger they are going to get. Having bigger boobs has started causing me all sorts of problems. So I sent my two biggest boobed friends a tweet about it
Seriously it has gotten ridiculous. I can't eat anything without losing something between my boobs. In the last week I have found popcorn, honey mustard dressing, pizza sauce, bread crumbs and a host of other foods between my tits. Sometimes I never even find the food that goes down there. It's like a black hole, things just disappear between them. I find this incredibly annoying, Imac thinks I'm saving him a snack for later. Luckily for me my friends have similar problems.

Nice to know I'm not alone. The food isn't the only issue besides that Imac like to throw things down them. All my bras no longer fit, all my shirts look different, and I feel like its the only thing people see when they look at me.

Other weird problems:
  • I can't walk down the stairs without a bra on (it hurts it hurts)
  • All the new bras are pointy and make me feel like I wearing torpedoes
  • Kennedy keeps trying to use my boobs as a pillow

So to all my busty girls out there, what weird issues do you have with them? And what should I be worried about?
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