Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Here We Go Again

So I realize I have been MIA and I'm probably going to be out somewhere in La-La land just a bit longer. But I thought I'd give you some sort of update.  So it's official: Imac and I bit the bullet and moved in together, which reminded me just how much I hate moving.

This cat knows my pain

So even though I have been packing for like a week, I still wasn't finished plus I came down with some sort of stomach bug and I was pretty much useless for like the last two weeks. Finally, Friday came and we rented a U-haul to move our stuff into our new epic amazing townhouse. Except that I lived on the third floor and that meant doing 800 Million flights of stairs and being sick just made it twice as fucking sucky. Seriously my three flights felt like this:

They never ended

Now we've moved everything in and I've cleaned my old place and handed over the keys, but there is so much packing to do. I mean seriously there are boxes everywhere and when I get home from work I have zero motivation to unpack. Frankly, the only room that has been unpacked is the kitchen and that's because I need to eat.

Also we have interwebz but no cable because Imac thought we could do a self-install and then Time Warner didn't give us a tuning adapter so they had to schedule an appointment to turn on our cable and OMG I HAVE HAD NO CABLE SINCE THURSDAY. This is a travesty you guys. You just have no idea.

In other news, Nixon and Kennedy are loving the new place which has a screened in back porch, except they have never had a screened in back porch before and they have run headfirst into the screens and bounced off like cartoon characters no less than three times in two days. It looks something like this:

Seriously, this has been the highlight of the entire move because my dogs are just too damn funny. I promise to be back with more posts soon but first I have boxes to unpack.

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