Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Opinionated? Damn Straight!

Okay before I write anything else I have to thank whomever it was who nominated me for 20 something-bloggers Bootleg award for Most Opinionated. I did not expect to get nominated for anything let alone that and it came as a complete shock. Of course, I am nominated against my partner in crime, Nugs, so I imagine we are going to split the vote and neither of us are going to win. But it was an honor to be nommed and if you want to see all the noms or vote click here.

Now in my mind being labeled as "Most Opinionated" is pretty much a carte blanche to say all the things I think and sometimes don't say. Which I kind do anyways and is pretty much the basis of this blog. Opinionated? Damn straight I am.

 Okay now that we have gotten past that part, I have to tell you this was not the post I intended to write for today. I intended to give a nice long rant about how its BULLSHIT that I have been banned from Imac's apartment (not Imac's Fault) . But a special snowflake of a customer at my restaurant job this weekend made me decide to go with this story instead.

So there are just some things that customers do that drives waitresses nuts. The biggest one is acting like they are the only customers in the restaurant and that you should drop everything you are doing to wait on them. Case in point, on Sunday I had a table with three young children (under 8 years old) and what must have been their grandparents. Now when they got sat I had two other tables I was already taking care of. So I go to this table (#1) and get their drink order and as I am making their drinks I get sat another table (#2). So I drop the first tables drinks off (in under a minute of them ordering them) and they are clearly not ready to order food, so I tell them I will give them a minute and proceed over to my new table (#2). As I am getting at the table getting the drink order for table two, I get sat another table (#3), now that's 3 tables in under 5 minutes. So I go to get table #2's drinks, drop them off and they are ready to order and so I take the order. Then I scoot over to table #3 and tell them I will be right with them.

So then I hop back over to table #1 and its been maybe 5 minutes since I dropped their drinks off, and definitely less than 7 minutes since I've been there when they were still looking at the menu. And I ask the table if they are ready to order and the snarly older lady looks at me and huffily goes:"We were ready to order 10 minutes ago"

Woah nelly, it's going to be one of those tables. So I politely apologize and point out then I just got triple seated and that I had to wait on those customers.

Her response: "We have young children so we should have been waited on first."

At this point I do everything I can to not roll my eyes at her. I really wanted to turn around to my other four tables and be like "Is it okay if I neglect you for the next twenty minutes? This lady has kids so all my time and attention should be focused on them." But I didn't, I just ignored her nonsense and asked her what she wanted to order because now she was just wasting valuable time I could have been using to wait on people who were actually going to tip me.

Now the table seated behind this one heard everything, and this is one of the tables I had before this group walked in. So after I taking #1's order I step back to their table and ask them if everything is alright with their food. They say yes and one asks for a refill on soda when I get a minute "because we can tell you are busy and people are being rude about it." And they said this just loud enough where table #1 could hear it.

Inwardly I smiled at these people, but I replied "oh they don't mean any harm by it."

And this table replied "Oh yes they do." and they left me a ten dollar tip later.

The thing I go out with my two little sisters all the time and I know how obnoxious it can be eating out with children. But its not like these three little girls were screaming, hollering and generally being fussy (Not that I would have waited on them any faster if they were being bratty). They were politely sitting there coloring on the kids menu, so I don't understand why the grandparents thought they deserved special treatment cause they had kids. They certainly weren't the only table in the restaurant with children. Hell, they weren't even the only table I had with children.

 Frankly, if you can't have a normal meal at a restaurant with your kids, then don't bring your kids with you. Its not the staff's job to move you to the front of line because you have kids. I'm sure as hell not going to wait on you and neglect my other tables because you have kids and the cooks are certainly not going to cook your food first because you have kids. You're not a special snowflake and you're not going to get special treatment because you have pair of six year olds with you. If you are so worried about getting everything faster because you have kids, McDonalds has a drive-thru. That being said this table got all their food and drinks within twenty minutes of sitting down at the table. Just like EVERY. OTHER. TABLE. in the restaurant who weren't uppity and rude about it. I don't have a problem with kids. In fact, I am considered one of the most kid-friendly waitresses in my restaurant because I have so many siblings and I understand the plight of parents taking kids out to eat. I always make sure the kids are happy, that the kid's food is right and that the check is on the table as quickly as possible in case the parents need to make a rush exit (my mom has to make a rush exit a lot with my little sisters). But I am not going to stop waiting on every other table in the restaurants just because one table has kids and I am not going to give them special treatment over all the other tables.

In case you are wondering, no of course they didn't tip.
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