Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dear 2012: Year in Review

Dear 2012:

Well first off, thanks for not ending on Dec. 21st, because that would have really ruined what has been a pretty good year for me. I mean 2012 was definitely better than its bitchy older brothers, 2011 and 2010. If this is a new trend for my life, I am happy to have the upswing of good fortune. So lets just go through what happened this year:

Winter: 2012 started off working at an amazing job where I got to read the news everyday, write articles and play on twitter for pay! Thank you 2012 for point me in the direction of what kind of jobs I should be doing. Sure my boss might have not have been the most kosher of people and I was still in the middle of a lawsuit, but it could have been worse. Then I met Imac and had the most retarded first date ever, even if he was super adorable and had no game whatsoever.

Spring: You let me down in Spring, 2012. It was kind of a downward dip for me. My grandparents moved to Florida. Imac and I broke up cause he was an idiot and I started dating again. There was plenty of horrible online dating stories and dates with the baseball guy, the stage 5 clinger and Crash Bandicoot. On the flip side I did get out of that horribly messy lawsuit, I had no point in even being a part of; So at least you gave me something.

Summer: 2012 kicked my ass in summer. I hit my lowpoint of the year around July. My parents and sister left for Florida leaving me hours away from my family. A guy I was really into friend-zoned me and then I lost my job in August because I didn't want to get into another lawsuit. Things turned around when Imac and I got back together even though I thought it was the worst idea ever at the time.

Fall: Fall returned me to one of my favorite snark topics: waitressing. You gave me horrible 80s clothed rednecks, people who don't know how to tip and made me a slightly more bitter person in general. But fall 2012 also gave me a boyfriend who actually seems to want to be with me, a chance to make the most awesome birthday cake ever, and a mini-vacation to Charleston. So I totally think that fall was a win in most respects.

And if December is any indication of what 2013 is going to bring I am going to be a very happy girl. I got an awesome new job that I love with a company who is on the upswing to great things. I got a real vacation for the first time in like 3 years, which included lying by the pool in my bikini in the middle of winter. I'm already planning a move out of my apartment into a new house/townhouse in February. I'm thinking about maybe taking a Caribbean cruise sometime this year.

All in all 2012, as bumpy as it was, turned out to be a really good year. Here is to hoping that 2013 is just as good for me and for all of you awesome readers.

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