Thursday, January 3, 2013

Apparently I'm a Stuck-Up Bitch

So while I might be super friendly on the interwebz, in real life I come off..... less than friendly. It's not that I'm not friendly and that I don't enjoy people, its more like I tend to be reserved until I get to know someone. I find it much easier to talk to people online than I do in real life, mostly because I'm good with writing. I can sit and think and choose my words carefully before I push the enter button and send them to someone.

I say that as a preamble to this: Not once but twice now people in my apartment complex have called me a stuck-up bitch, even though they have never spoken two words to me

The first time I was coming downstairs from my apartment as I was going to work at like 7 am. One of the girls who lived in the apartment under me (and I'm pretty sure was a stripper) was coming home from who-knows-where. Now I'm not into judging people by how they looked but this girl had blond hair with pink streaks and was wearing some low-cut top and a pound of makeup, so you make your own call about that. Anyways I'm down the stairs walking to my car and she's halfway up the stairs and screams at me "Hey, you can answer me when I'm talking to you!"

I didn't even hear this girl talking to me at any point when I was coming down the stairs.I looked at her and was like "I'm sorry?" Apparently she thought I was some stuck-up bitch because I never talked to her and felt the need to chew me out. Frankly I had never even seen her before. I had zero-point-zero idea who she was, and  after that day I never saw her again. That whole apartment got evicted not two months later and I'm not even entirely sure who all lived there. There were two weird redneck guys, two skinny blond girls and a random assortment of people coming in and out of that apartment all the time. In fact when they were getting evicted, one of them was holding a baby! I never saw the baby before in the entire 6 months they were living there.

In the same vein, just before I left for Florida for Christmas one of the few people in my apartment complex that I do talk (and by talk I mean say hello to when I see her) to stopped me as I was doing laundry.  She's an older African-American lady but she's nice enough. Anyways she wanted to tell me that everyone in the apartment complex thinks I'm a stuck up bitch because I don't talk to them when I'm out walking my dogs. And she was all "I try to explain to them that you just keep to yourself. You just do you."

Let me just note that these people have never said one word to me. I couldn't pick these people out of a line-up. Yet, I'm somehow the stuck up bitch because I don't stop when I'm out with my two obnoxious dogs to talk to them? I don't think they would really enjoy me stopping to talk to them while Nixon and Kennedy try to jump all over them to try and get petted. Not to mention that these are the same people hanging out to all ungodly hours of the night with their screaming children, sharing stories and I'm pretty sure selling drugs. I mean Imac and I layed in bed one night around 2 a.m. listening to a guy outside of apartment (my bedroom window was open) talk about picking up drugs in Charleston. Forgive me for not saying hello to them when I'm out.

Thank god I'm moving out of this apartment complex in February.
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