Sunday, December 30, 2012

SUNDAY PIC: Christmas Survivor 2012

So I know I've been MIA for the last week or two. But it was Christmas and I was in Florida visiting my family. But never fear I am back (like you even noticed I was gone)! To kick-off my being back and the fact that I am going to hit 400 posts this week, I am kicking off Tit's Week of Blogging! Or at least I am going to make an attempt to blog everyday this week.

So to start off Day 1, I'm going with a classic. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know about my family's Christmas Survivor tradition. If you are new you can catch up with these posts, but the short run-down is that my mother gets a mystery gift each year and then makes my sisters and I compete for it. This year that included Imac as well, and the pictures never fail to be amusing.

Challenge One: Pull all the tissues out of a tissue box, one at a time, using only one hand.

Baby Sis thought it would be fun to jump in the tissues

Winner: ME

 Challenge Two:  Stick straws in a potato and then balance 5 peanut M&M's on the straws.

It's Much Fucking Harder than it Looks


Challenge Three: Starting with a marked cup, move cups from the bottom to the top of the stack while rotating hands to move cups.


Challenge Four: Use straws to suck up plain M&M's and transport them to a cup a few feet away

I couldn't even suck up one, I was laughing so hard.

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