Thursday, November 15, 2012

Becoming a Bitter Betty

So now that I am back to waiting tables full time, I have realized that working in customer service really makes me a bitter person. It's just that some people can be so completely downright horrible. I mean I make this face just entirely too much at work.

The thing is probably 85% of people are nice, normal, respectful people. Sure some people can be needy or pushy or demanding but for the most part they aren't bad people and they aren't mean. They are just particular and then you get the other 15% that are just downright nasty horrible people. I mean the kind that treat you like your a dumbass just because you are waiting tables and act like they are better than you. Or the people who hate their own lives so that are out to make everyone else around them miserable. I tend to try to kill these people with kindess because I am better than that, but I really want to go all Max Black on them.

Seriously in the last couple of weeks I have been screamed at over things that are just downright stupid to yell at a waitress for. Don't believe me. Here is a short list of things either myself or one of my coworkers has been yelled at for in the last month:

  • Not giving someone a soup spoon - Note this person had a regular spoon and the waitress had only dropped off his bowl of soup like a minute prior before he came up to the waitress station and started screaming at the waitress and the manager that this was the worst service he had ever had because he didn't have a soup spoon.

  • The Restaurant not having cornbread - Our restaurant doesn't make or serve cornbread, apparently this is blasphemy in the South. Also not having Thousand Island dressing. We don't stock it, apparently that's a huge problem.

  • Sausage Gravy being brown - No I am totally serious here. This lady screamed at me because our sausage gravy is brown. She was all "Bojangles sausage gravy is white, why is yours brown?" I had to get management to go talk to her because she was complete losing it on me over our sausage gravy  being brown and we were packed that day.  I did not have time to calmly explain that our sausage gravy is brown three times and that it doesn't matter what color it is at Bojangles or Cracker Barrel.

  • Not being waited on before they had even sat down at the table -I'm serious here. This homeowners association came in, except they didn't know how many it was going to be and they all came in at different times and ordered at different times. The last of this group was about 6 people and they headed to where the other people were sitting and before they had all even sat down at the table, one of the ladies came up and started screaming that they hadn't been waited on yet. They hadn't even been in the restaurant for a whole minute.

Its just been a downright horrible week and its made me into a bitter betty. Thank god I have 3 days off this week and can recoup my sanity and sense of self-worth before I go back to work on Saturday. Otherwise I'm pretty sure I might actually say this to a customer:

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