Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho Its Off to Charleston We Go

So its no secret that I live in South Carolina and while its not nearly as awesome as North Carolina, it has its charm. IMac happens to be from right outside Charleston and when he found out that his family (Dad, Stepmom and one of his sisters) was going to be in Charleston fixing up their old house to rent, he asked if I wanted to take two days and go down there. After the initial shock wore off, I was like sure I'm game. So I started packing, which in my world means packing 4 days worth of clothes for a 2 day trip, leading to this lovely exchange:

Rose: ugh I have to pack for tomorrow I am going to warn you now, girls pack entirely too much shit for the amount of time they will be somewhere
IMac: you need one pair of clothes. you will be wearing one pair when you go down and you'll need another for the next day. That and bathroom stuff is it.
Rose: you're cute. So i wont need pajamas or a bathing suit or an extra shirt in case I get one dirty, and not 3 pairs of shoes?
IMac: i wasn't planning on getting wet, but we can. PJs aren't nessesary. If you want to bring an emergency set of clothes i guess thats ok. the shoes can be replaced with flops.
Rose: hahaha I love how you think I was serious about the 3 pairs of shoes. Have you even seen me wear 3 different pairs of shoes?
IMac: you're nuts so I never know. you may need them to keep evil spirits away
Rose: hahaha I am not that nuts. I'm delightfully quirky not full on pysch ward.

He knows me just oh so well.

So we headed down to Charleston getting there just a little after 1. We milled around Mt. Pleasant and the Isle of Palms where IMac showed me the town  and then we searched for his brick (we found it, after I realized the names were in vaguely alphabetical order. His brick is in the middle of the road. So my BF gets run over by cars everyday!), before heading into downtown. Now I have been to downtown Charleston before but it had been awhile, so he gave me to the tour and bought me gelato. I took pictures of random things like:

On the other hand, IMac opted to take pictures with the new panorama feature on his Iphone (he's so in love with it).

So after walking around town for about 2 hours, we decide its time to go back to the hotel and get ready for dinner. Except we can't remember where we parked the car. We parked it in a parking garage and there is about 4 of those in downtown Charleston. We walked around for a good 30 minutes looking for our parking garage. We even looked on 4 different floors of the wrong parking garage before deciding it was the wrong one. We even pull out the parking ticket to see if it has an address on it (it doesn't). Finally after a good 45 minutes the geniuses that we are realize we can use his Iphone to map out all the parking garages in the area. It takes about 2 minutes to find our parking garage and the fact that we passed the other side of the building about 4 times in our search.

We ended up having to call his family and push back dinner, which ended up working for them. Plus it was the best ice-breaker meet the family story ever.

Come on, tell me its happened to you too? Other people have gotten lost in a 10 block radius looking for a parking garage right?


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