Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm Afraid to Turn on the Internet

So it's Olympics time! The wonderful time every 2 years where we have our version of the Hunger Games, except no one gets killed but the Chinese who don't win the gold.

Normally I love the Olympics, all those sports I wouldn't normally watch to get excited for. But this year it has been a source of pain and suffering, mostly because of NBC's decidedly stupid idea to not air anything live even though there is only a 4 hour delay between the East Coast of the US and Great Britian. By the time I get to watch the events on TV, they have been over for HOURS.

Worse, I'm afraid to turn on the internet because their are spoilers everywhere I turn. Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, MSNBC, tumblr- I can't get on the interwebz without running into a spoiler. Do you have any idea how hard it is to work in Social Media when you are afraid to turn on the internet for fear of Olympic spoilers? I pretty much just need to take the week off from work.

Also Dear NBC: Some of us have to work in the morning and I would greatly appreciate if you would cut out Ryan Seacrest's pointless blathering and focus on actually showing competitions. I swear to god if I see one more pointless interview in the middle of a competition I am going to go apeshit on your asses. I know we are in the USA, but I dunno maybe I want to watch the Croatian Gymnastic Team compete- if you'd ever show them!

On the Flip side the Olympics have been a great source of amusement:

Or From My Friend's FB:

But seriously, if this spoiler bullshit doesn't abate soon I might got postal on people.

In a completely unrelated noted: Nugs and I finally started that dating blog we have been going on about starting for like 2 years. We hog-tied a few of our friends to join us and you can now find us here at Snark & Sex!
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