Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Need My Fix

Okay readers, I have to make a serious confession to you.

I have an addiction....

to books.

I cannot stop myself from buying books. The bookstore is like Disney World to me and books are like crack. I will spend all day perusing the shelves at a bookstore and find like 20 different books I want to buy. But the worst thing for my book buying habit?


I can get a book there for like 3 bucks. It's almost better than the 2 dollar bin at Books-A-Million.

The problem with this is while I buy books like they are somehow going out of style. I never get around to actually reading them. It's not that I don't want to, its just that for whatever reason I never start/finish them. I mean work takes up 50 hours of my week, then there is playing with the dogs, blogging, dating, working out, eating and sleeping. I just can't seem to get books read anymore.

Don't believe me?

These are my "Fun Reading" Bookshelves (As opposed to my '"History" Bookshelves which are mostly for research):

Out of all those books, 9 of them haven't been finished. One actually hasn't even been started because its part of a trilogy and I can't seem to finish the second book.

Did that stop me from buying two new books (for 13 bucks) on Ebay this morning?

You bet your sweet ass it didn't.

Someone stage an intervention.

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