Thursday, June 14, 2012

Um No Thank You

Okay just did an article about the 7 types of people Who Need to Get Out of The Freaking Way. And while I agree with all of them I have to make an amendment to #5.

I'm going to need it to include people who hang out on the top of stairwells when you are trying to use them.

Now I generally avoid my neighbors in whatever apartment complex I am living in. It's not that they are bad people per say, it's just that generally I don't care to meet any of them. Just because you live in the same area as I do is not reason enough for me to talk to you. Now there is the one floppy-haired kid (late teens/early 20s) who I know and say hi to, but outside of that I don't really bother with my neighbors.

But the stairwell is not your personal hang-out spot and would you kindly move your asses so I can get into the safety of my apartment. This happens to me all the time. The kids who live across the hall from me use the stairwell right next to my apartment as their personal hangout spot. They even have beach chairs set-up and shit. 

But whatever, I can handle them most of the time. This past weekend, however, I was bringing back laundry to my apartment and I go to walk up the first flight of stairs (I live on the third floor) and these two old redneck looking guys are hanging out on the top of the second floor stairwell, smoking. Now I've maybe seen these guys once or twice before, but I certainly don't know them. So I'm standing their with my huge laundry basket waiting for them to move off the top of the stairwell so I can go up.

And there they are just staring at me from the top like I had four fucking heads.

And I waited for them to move..

and waited...

and finally the one guy goes "Do you need some help with that?"

EXCUSE ME? No. I do not need you, some random guy I have never spoken to before, helping me with my basket of laundry that includes several dozen pairs of Victoria Secrets underwear. Yes, it was nice of him to offer to help but it would have been nicer if he had just moved out of my fricken way!

I ended up being like "No" and then just going around to use the back-stairwell to my apartment, even though it was out of my way. This kind of thing happens all the time. It's like other people are trying to use the stairs and I'm in their way? What no, that doesn't happen. The worst is when I'm out walking the dogs because the dogs think everyone wants to be jumped on by them or that everyone should want to pet them (and yes, that's because I can't control my dogs and I'm a bad dog owner, KAY?), and I'm trying to get into my apartment without my dogs mauling these people.

Seriously, you have apartments people. Go hang out in them.
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