Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Getting Things Done... Or Not

So the great/awful thing about being single again is that I have tons of free time that I have to fill. I would love to tell you I've been super productive recently, but alas not so much. Which isn't to say I haven't gotten things done, but I've gotten a lot less done than I could have. I pretty much spent this Saturday vegged out on my couch watching my NJ Devils get their butt whooped by the NY Rangers (Shut up Nugs I can hear you laughing!) So things I have gotten accomplished:

1. I Shaved My Dogs- every summer I shave down my dog Nixon because he's essentially becomes a large furball over the winter. This year I shaved down Kennedy too, despite her best struggle against it. I have to say they look so different with less fur. See for yourself:

I'm pretty sure Kennedy is still pissed about the loss of her fur and is quietly plotting her revenge as we speak.

2. I've watched a lot more sports- Obviously the aforementioned Devils vs. Rangers Hockey playoffs, but also baseball. One of my friends and I are hoping to catch a minor league game here this week, which always turns badly because I'm a Yankees Fan and he's a Red Sox Fan and so we spend half the game shit talking even though we are watching a Texas Rangers affiliate team. Seriously, you can always find a way to argue about sports.

3. I tried Nutella- I realize I am way way way behind the curve on this, but I'm slow on the uptake sometimes. It's delicious and deceptively addicting. I have the feeling I am going to gain 5 pounds just from the first jar.

Heaven in a Jar

4. I caught up on my tivo - Seriously, I had so so so many shows backlogged on my tivo. I had something like 32 episodes of General Hospital (Listen, I am allowed one soapy melodrama and One Life to Live got cancelled) at one point. So I'm almost done clearing it out, now I'm going to have to find more tv to watch. Maury is still on right?

There are still other things I want to get back into the swing off: Reading books on the regular, finishing that blanket I started crocheting back in like November, working on my own fiction novels that have been on the back-burner.  I'll get there eventually, while I'm at it do you guys have any suggestions of hobbies or things I should do/try/read/eat while I have this free time?
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