Sunday, April 15, 2012

SUNDAY PIC: I'm an Internet Snob

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So the more I have to work on the interwebz, the more and more I realize I'm an browser snob. I hate Internet Explorer; I hate everything about it and I don't understand how/why people continue to use it. Please don't take it personally if you use Internet Explorer, its not you- its me.

 It's just that whenever we (meaning Imac) have to build something for work like a Facebook tab, it never works in IE. It always has some weird compatibility issue, and people using IE 5 ( you might as well be using using Netscape its so old which came out in like 1999 and people don't know how to upgrade ) are constantly complaining they can't access something because we can't make it compatible for a browser that is like 200 years old in the internet world. It's  super frustrating.

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