Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Project Runway: This is making me Homicidal

So I know I promise everyone my thoughts on the end of the Project Runway All-Stars and even thought its very late, here it is.
These are all murder weapons to me

Disclaimer: I want to start off by saying that I think Mondo's final collection was the strongest out of the final three. There is no doubt that the collection he put together was better than Austin's or Michael's.

That being said, this season was full of shit. Just like the last couple of season's of Project Runway that Bunim/Murray have put together. Here are my overall problems with the season:
  • Too many designers that weren't All Stars - Elise, Sweet P, Gordana, April, Anthony, Michael Costello: Can you really tell me they are "All Stars"? Over say: Uli, Carol Hannah, Daniel Vosovic, Nick Verros, Jillian? Bunim/Murray was more interested in personality over talent. They want drama, but I want design. It's like they don't understand what their audience wants.

  • These were the best challenge they could come up with- Listen some of them weren't awful. Miss Piggy, the party shop, the lights challenge, even getting the clothes off other people's backs wasn't awful. But just every thing else were the most boring, uninspired challenges. Make clothes based on gelato colors, make a pretty dress for the opera, make a dress from the colors on a flag. None of these were creative or inventive. Same shit, different day.

  • Mediocre Designers Outlasted Better Ones-  In what fucking world is Jerell or Michael Costello a better designer than Rami or Kenley? Niether of the first two should have lasted as long as they did.

  • Different Judging Standards - It was obvious that the more drama you caused/ or had better one-liners, the easier the judges were going to go on your garments. They railroaded Kenley (who is a drama queen herself) for making what they considered to be the same outfit time and time again. But they certainly didn't accuse Michael Costello of doing the same thing over and over, even though he made the same fucking dress like 3 times. Rami was held to a much higher standard of design than say Jerell (whose outfits always sucked) or Mila (who designs for post-apocalyptic colorblind female warriors).

  • They picked a winner before the show even taped-  This is my biggest gripe with the way the seasons have been going. Bunim/Murray decide who the winner of the show is going to be before they even start taping. It was so so obvious that Mondo was destined to win this season. He could have vomited on a burlap sack and the judges would still have to fall all over him with praise. The Judges gave Mondo the win in episode 5, not that he had the best design, but because they wanted to give him a win. They even said so in the episode, because if Mondo didn't start winning challenges there was no way they would be able to sell him as the winner of the whole season. There were multiple episodes where Mondo won, even though he clearly didn't have the best garments.

    It just falls in line with the last two seasons where Gretchen won- even though she clearly didn't deserve it, and the Anya won because she had a "good story" even though she designed the same dress over and over again. Austin Scarlett even seemed to know he wasn't going to win, because his final design inspiration kept getting more and more bizarre as the last two episodes went on. It was like he went "fuck this shit, I know I'm not going to win. I might as well be interesting."

In short, another disappointing season.
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