Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Miss My Face

So I've mentioned before in passing that I wear contacts. I don't normally talk about it because I've been wearing contacts for (holy crap) 12 years now. I pretty much do everything but sleep, swim and shower in contacts, so if you didn't see me in one of those occurrences,  you would never even know I had glasses. I'm pretty much blind without some sort of correct lenses, I can see shape and color without them and that's about it.

Anyways, around December I ran out of contact lenses. This was like a personal tragedy for me because I never ever ever wear my glasses if I can help it. So from December till the end of March, I wore the same pair of contacts like everyday for 4 months. Unfortunately, just before Easter I ripped my last pair of contacts. It was a personal tragedy for me. So for the last month I've been wearing my glasses, and it kills me. I just don't feel pretty in them. My friends always tell me how cute I look in glasses but it falls on deaf ears. Imac, for his part, tells me I look like a nerd (which hello I totally am!)

The thing is I took my glasses off the other day to put on makeup and realized: I miss my face. I Just feel like the only thing I see when I look in the mirror now is my glasses. This is me normally:

And this is how I think I look with my glasses on:

It's like the just takeover my face! And obviously my glasses are not that big or black (or lopsided, paint skills fail), but you get the idea. Its just like they become the only thing I focus on my face, which is great if like I have a huge zit i'm not paying attention to, but otherwise it annoys me.

Luckily, I got birthday monies coming in and an appointment with the optometrist on Saturday to begin the long process of getting my contacts back. I have an astigmatism in one eye which requires me to jump through like 34 hoops to get contacts. But I'm hoping to have my contacts back by mid-May at the latest (not in time for my birthday though, boo).

So anyone else hate their glasses or is it just me?

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