Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Designs, Discussions and Dating

So many of you might have noticed that I redesigned my blog layout recently. If you are wondering why the change occurred well it all has to do with a conversation I had with IMac. Now for those of you who don't
 know IMac and I sort of work together. We don't work for the same company. He works for a website design company that just so happens to be the company that designed the website I work on. So I spend several hours a week working on design layout and functionality of the website I work for with IMac. This convo occurred one day while we were working:

"IMac: do me a favor and make the background on your blog fixed?
Rose: how?
IMac: background: #F5F1E5 url(http://themes.googleusercontent.com/image?id=1a0AeDLTHbl0veIcjLG7wyMEOtSe8L5jsDMsuV_d1_xFhDH5Ki5qyGKxBPm30vy7v3vIh) repeat top center fixed
Rose: okay what exactly do i do with that
IMac: I made a blog to see.
IMac: Design -> Advanced -> Add Css
IMac: add this: body {
background: #F5F1E5 url(http://themes.googleusercontent.com/image?id=1a0AeDLTHbl0veIcjLG7wyMEOtSe8L5jsDMsuV_d1_xFhDH5Ki5qyGKxBPm30vy7v3vIh) repeat top center fixed}
Rose: okay i'm an idiot, where is design at?
IMac: design is at the top right by New Post and Sign Out
Rose: wait what are we talking about?
IMac: when you scroll down the page, the background doesn't move
Rose: yes I got that part
Rose: which blog are you wanting me to do this for?
IMac: the one with that annoying background http://coyoterose.blogspot.com/
Rose: hahahahaha
Rose: I've spent the last 20 minutes trying to find this shit on helix or [website I work for] and you're fixing my personal blog
Rose: You realize this whole conversation will be blogged about correct?"

So my blog got redesigned, because when your internet programmer boyfriend is fixing your shit and calling it annoying, its time for a change.  That being said, IMac and I have the tendency to have some really funny conversations.

"Rose: want to do something tonight or do you need a vacation from me?
IMac: I do want to do something tonight.
Rose: Dinner? Movie? Me?
IMac: Oh, all of the above."

"Rose: believe it or not, I'm not actually a crazy girl that needs to be attached to your hip
IMac: I know, you need to be studied as a freak of nature.
Rose: and that's going on my fb wall
IMac: Your so pretty. :)"

Anytime IMac thinks I'm mad at him, he tells me that I'm pretty. Like somehow him telling me I'm pretty is going to make me not mad at him. Apparently his Brother-in-Law says that to IMac's sister when she's mad and it works, and so IMac thinks it will work on me. It doesn't, but its super cute to hear anyways.

"Rose: [coworker] just told me I can't marry you because then my name would have too many consonants
IMac: Oo, what are you two gossiping about?
IMac:  Pale freckly kids?
Rose:  she was like "you can never marry him cause your name would have too many s's"

I'm pretty white, pasty and freckly. IMac is a natural redhead, so he's pretty pale and freckly too, but apparently the reason we can never get married is that there would be too many s's in my name.

Okay now that I'm sure I have made you all nauseous with how sickeningly cute IMac and I are, I promise to be extra snarky in my post on Thursday. I hope nobody vomited on their computer screen reading this.

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