Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where is the Tequila?

It's been like a super frustrating couple of weeks at work and while I'm not going to go into the details here, it has been a very trying last couple of days. So trying that it ended up on Facebook, where my friends Nugs and G-Fab reminded me that nobody knows me better than my friends. Here is the proof:
*Names have been changed to protect the Innocent

I was seriously pulling out my second batch of peanut butter cookies when G-fab wrote that. I then took them over to IMac's house because I know I was driving him crazy with all this work stress, and I'd like him not to dump me anytime soon. Also he made me dinner (it was hamburger helper, but its still adorable) and I think I threatened to get him drunk and marry him.

In other news, it was Lil' Miss Sis's 5th birthday this weekend and we took her to Medieval Times Saturday Night, which she loved. Also UNC_Sis and I were like "Yes, we got the hot knight!" Then we had her birthday party on Sunday, which was fun and crazy because anytime I'm with my sisters its a little crazy. It's not that I don't love them, its just that they are loud and young and after a few hours I'm ready for peace and quiet. I consider them to be the Best. Birthcontrol. Ever.

Anyways, the short of it is: My life is crazy but its bound to get better soon. How are you guys doing?

EDIT: Also if you didn't know, there is now a Facebook Fan page for my blog. So like me there too (because I'm a whore for attention)!
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