Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Close Encounters of the Burnout Kind

 I'm now officially working my 11th day in a row without a day off, and I'm exhausted.

See I started working a second job because I'm not making enough money at my primary job to pay everything I have to pay. The dogs need to go to the vet, I need new tires on my car and I've been wearing the same pair of contacts since January. So I got a second job waitressing. I typically only wait tables on Sunday at a breakfast joint but this week they needed me on Saturday too, so haiii overworked. Unfortunately even with all the extra hours (56 hours this week), I'm still too broke to do anything. Frankly, it kinda fucking sucks. I love my primary job but at what point does doing something you love become a hindrance to living? I always said I'd rather be poor doing something I love than rich doing something I hate. But right now I'd like to be able to buy a goddamn pair of new jeans instead of sewing the holes in my old ones.

Also thank god I live at the beach, because its an endless source of entertainment and its free. Not that I have gotten to see much of it recently, but IMac is determined to drag me out to it every Saturday from now until the end of summer. So wohoo for actually having a tan this year!

In unrelated news: for the 4th month in a row I have been nominated by my lovely Nip Cliquers for Featured Blogger of the Month at 20Something- Bloggers. So I wanted to thank them for being the awesomestly awesome friends they are because they keep nominating me even though I continuously lose. Seriously guys, you rock my socks and I love you, but lets face it: I am never going to win and you might want to find a more suitable candidate for next month.
For those of you wondering what I thought about the winner of this season of Project Runway, don't worry I have a whole diatribe coming for that. I just have to find the time to get all my homicidal thoughts into words.
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