Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Is The Best Challenge They Could Come Up With? (PR 10.4)

When we last left Project Runway All-Stars, the designers were creating an outfit for Miss Piggy. With a challenge so unbelievable awesome last week, this weeks challenge is sure to be a let down.

Challenge: Create a outfit inspired by a Gelato flavor.

WHAT. THE. WHAT?!? Could they have come up with a less interesting challenge? It's like the threw darts at a wall and whatever didn't get hit they made a challenge out of. Dear PR producers, stop being idiots. The only thing saving this challenge from being completely retarded is that they only have 6 hours to make an outfit. I mean they even have kook-balls Diane Von Furstenberg judging, its still the stupidest challenge ever.

Frankly, I really have nothing interesting to say about this challenge, so onto the Runway! The dresses are pretty much as boring as the challenge. Kara (Chocolate Cayenne Pepper) made this tiered ruffle dress which I've seen in a million stores and it was boring, vanilla and made her model look fat. Jerrel summed it up best when he called it a cupcake dress. Anthony (green tea) made this overwrought green dress that just wasn't flattering on his model. There is nothing I like about April (blueberry) in general, but the dress was way way way too short and the top wasn't level. I was ready for her to leave before the show started.

Mila (milk and sour cherries) the judges love her dress, but I just think it looks like a used maxi-pad. It just didn't work for me. I don't get her aesthetic at all. Michael (grapefruit) made this fantastic light pink draped dress, it was really gorgeous but I thought it bordered on a little nightgown-ish. Mondo (cantaloupe) made this great caftan orange dress with green and beige paneling on the sleeves. It was really really pretty, the only thing I had a problem with is that it looked like something Anya would have made last season.

Top: Mila, Michael, Mondo
Winner:  Michael

Bottom: Kara, Anthony, April
Out: Kara

Alright Producers- next week's challenge better rock the house.
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