Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So Far 2012 Doesn't Suck

Okay I realize that we're only 10 days into 2012, and that any presumptions on how the year is going to be based on the first 10 days are a totally ridiculous. But 2012 hasn't sucked for me yet, thus far:

  • I got my own desk at my job! I was previously sharing a desk with another girl, which is why I only went into work 12-5 everyday. Now I have to go in 9-5, which means no more sleeping till 10. That part sucks, but having my own office means I have my own desk to put my Star Wars Gumball machine on.

  • How cute is he?

  • I got nominated for Sexiest Blogger (female, obviously) for the Bootleg awards on 20-something bloggers. I'm not going to tell you to vote for me (especially since I'm up against my girl Harley, who has got the sexiest accent ever) I will however redirect you to the post I wrote about it last year in the hopes that it inspires you. I also got nominated for Feature Blogger for February. While I don't believe I have any chance at winning either award, its an honor just to be nominated and frankly I'm a little floored people even read this blog.
  • There may be a new boy. Its too early to tell if this guy is going to actually come up to scratch or if he's content just flirting with me. It's also too early to tell if he's going to have the balls to deal with me or not, but its nice knowing there is a possibility on the horizon. That is if he doesn't stop blowing every chance I give him.

So so far 2012, you have my vote for awesomeness. Now lets not jack it up with any of that Mayan-end-of-the-world nonsense.


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