Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Point Where Everyone Starts Freaking Out (PR 10.2)

Sorry for the delay on this guys! I was out with a boy Thursday night, I had a concert to hit on Friday and then Saturday was spent being a vegetable on my couch. Anyways when we last left our fearless fashion All-Stars, nobody was sad whackadoodle Elisa was going home.

Challenge: Badgley Mischka come out and tell the designers to make an evening gown for the opera in 1 day. 

Of course everyone is freaking out saying that evening gowns aren't there strong suit, and lamenting how this is totally Austin Scarlett's challenge to lose. He seems to know it too. I mean Austin was designing wedding dresses for the last couple years. He is the couture dress designer.

And were off to Mood where whiney-ass Michael Costello promptly freaks out because April is also making a red dress. Dude, its a fucking color that is used A LOT for evening wear. You wouldn't be freaking out if another designer was making a black dress, why are you freaking out because April is making a red one? I'm finding Michael Costello to be slightly more obnoxious and annoying this season than season 8, and we're only 2 episodes in. Kenley on the other hand gets this adorable pink fabric with black polka dots that I love, but am confused on how she's going to make it evening wear.

Joanna Coles makes her way around the design room, and I have to give her props. Nobody could take the place of our beloved Tim Gunn, but she does a fabulous job critiquing. Instead of going warm and fuzzy the way Mr. Gunn does, Coles is just honest and asks the right questions. She shoots straight telling April that hand dying her dress is a waste of time, telling Austin that everyone thinks he has this challenge in the bag and asking Anthony if he is making a wedding dress. While she is scanning the room we get to see some other designers dress and my thoughts are: OMG What the Fuck is Sweet Pea making. It's an orange and pink concoction with feathers. From the looks of it she's totally missing the mark, but time will tell. In other WTF thoughts, I got to ask what Kara is thinking. The fabric is so day-at-the-park and not night-at-the-opera.

Onto the runway: I love love loved Michael Costello's dress. Home boy might have had a mild freak out over nothing earlier, but he made a dress that just blew the competition away. I mean if I had the body, I'd be wearing that feather and crystal extravaganza to the opera. I also super loved Kenley's pink dress, and Anthony's white dress. Anthony's dress was deceptivally simple but executed so well and really really goregous.

Sweet P's
On the flip side: April's dress is disgusting. The fabric dying was just all wrong, it made her dress look like the model walked in mud to get to the runway. The queen of doom and gloom is definitely back this season, and the new judges don't like it, and neither do I. I don't want to go to the opera looking like I'm going to murder everyone there. Sweet P's dress was a bohemian granola crunchy mess that was so so so not opera at all.

Top: Austin, Anthony, Michael  
Winner: Austin

Bottom: April, Sweet P, Kara  
Out: Sweet P
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