Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Don't Disappoint Miss Piggy (PR 10.3)

So I realize I am way way way overdue with this post, blame my ever blossoming social life. It was like last week Every.Single.One. of my friends wanted to go out and so I didn't have my veg out time on the couch like normal, so I got way behind on tv. I know #firstworldproblems right? Anyways on with the show!

Kenley's dress
Challenge: Create a Cocktail dress for Miss Piggy!

I love me some muppets, so this challenge made so excited! I mean I saw the new Muppet movie on opening weekend, so anytime there is a Muppet anywhere I'm there. And the claws are out kitties in the design room, Kara and Mondo fight over gloves, Mondo doesn't like Gordana's outfit, Mila thinks Kenley is needy. This is the kind of drama that people like on Project Runway. As opposed to Hitler Gretchen and whiny-ass Anya from the last couple seasons. Also, they might hate each others designs and want to win, but these designers know how to kick-back and get along with each other. I mean its just so much more fun to watch people who can actually have fun during a competition.

Gordana's dress
Onto Runway: In a weird way it feels like a lot of the designers didn't really think about the proportions of Miss Piggy and how they would have to scale down a dress for her. Most of them made pretty dresses but the people in the top seemed to really think about flamboyancy, personality, and how to work with Miss Piggy's body top. The people in the bottom really didn't get that. Mila made this very straight black Mod dress, but Piggy is a Muppet- you need something to cinch her waist otherwise she won't have a waist. Austin, similarly, did a very intricate constructed dress that just wouldn't translate well into a miniature form with these huge bows on the side that would just make Miss Piggy look wider. Gordana's dress might have worked well but it just wasn't special enough.

Rami's Dress
On the flip side, the designers in the top were smart about it. Kenley made a very A-line dress in pink Giraffe print that would have looked adorable in miniature size with enough whimsy that works for Miss Piggy. I didn't love the big head piece she put on her model, it looked like it could eat Miss Piggy whole. But overall the design was really cute. I wasn't so in love with Michael's dress. The print was weird and black really isn't a Miss Piggy color but it was a pretty dress and had some interesting details too it. When Rami's dress walked out I instantly thought- WINNER- with bells ringing. He made an adorable flamenco dancer looking dress in this polka dot pattern that was flouncy and whimsy enough for Miss Piggy and would look great in smaller proportions without losing what was special about the dress in the first place.

Top: Rami, Michael, Kenley
Winner: Michael

Bottom: Austin, Gordana, Mila
Out: Gordana


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