Thursday, December 29, 2011

Project Runway: I Just Can't Quit You

I know I swore off blogging Project Runway after season 8 ended in the most ridiculously wrong winner in the history of the show. Frankly, season 9 wasn't much better and while my mother and I have finished feuding over whether or not Anya should have won (she made the same dress like 20 times, that is not innovative!), I'm still bitter over how much Lifetime has ruined my once beloved show.

That being said I would be downright lying if I didn't admit that the up-coming Project Runway All-Stars has me all twitterpated. I mean look at this cast:
Austin Scarlett! Kenley! Anthony! Michael Costello! Rami! Mondo! Sweet Pea! Jerell!

Now I don't love all the choices. I would much rather see season 4's Jillian; season 3's Uli, Kayne and Mychael Knight; Season 2's Daniel Vosovic and Nick Verros; or seasons 6's Carol Hannah. But I can't always have everything I want.

That being said I am toying with the idea of blogging this season. I can't promise it won't make me homicidal. Yes, her royal snarly-face Nina and Queen of Snark Michael Kors won't be there. And neither will my beloved Tim Gunn or Heidi, apparently Project Runway All-Stars was taped as concurrently with Project Runway Season 9 and the judges couldn't do both shows. Even with Nina and Michael gone, they replaced them with Issac Mizrahi- who is by far the most annoying judge of anything ever (see The Fashion Show).

I don't know, should I give the show one last go-around?
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