Thursday, December 8, 2011

Confession: Bah Humbug and Shit

Confession: I've been a bit of a scrooge this year. It's 17 days until Christmas and I haven't put up my tree, or bought a single present yet. I haven't even bought a package of cherry candy canes, and I love those things.

The thing is normally I love Christmas. While I don't believe in putting my tree up in the beginning of November and leaving it up until the end of the January, I do normally have my tree up by now. I love Christmas because I love the presents. Not so much the receiving of presents which makes me feel awkward and selfish and weird, but because I love buying presents and giving presents. I love picking out wrapping paper and making silly little bows and wrapping the presents and the glitter, oh the glitter. Gay men are the only people that love glittery wrapping paper more than me. I love decorating the Christmas tree, because its more shiny and glittery and twinkly stuff, and frankly my apartment is in desperate need of some glitter and sparkle.

For whatever reason this year, I just haven't been in the Christmas mood. I'm pretty sure most of the blame goes to the fact that I have about 52 bucks in my checking account right now (YA! for payday tomorrow). But I am bound and determined to get into the Christmas spirit this weekend if it kills me and it might! Because if I don't get into the spirit soon, I'm totally going to be the biggest Scrooge on Christmas and my mother will probably beat me to death.
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