Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Year in Review (Part 2)

So even though 2011 is officially over now, I figure I had some leeway with getting my annual Year in Review up. So without further ado my year end awards.

Best Song: Rolling in the Deep by Adele (This song was everywhere)  
Honorable Mentions: Save me, San Francisco by Train

 Best Album: Adele, 21  
Honorable Mentions: Vices & Virtues by Panic at the Disco (I still love my emo boys)

Best Movie: The Muppets
Honorable Mentions: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II
Best Tv Show: Chuck (In its 5th season it just keeps getting better)
Honorable Mentions: Revenge, 
Best New Tv Show: 2 Broke Girls (Kat Dennings cracks me up)  
Honorable Mentions: Revenge, Hart of Dixie

Worst TV Show: Project Runway- That finale was a disaster and Anya winning drove a nail in the coffin.
Honorable Mentions: Charlie's Angels, New Girl

 Best Book: Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang (not actually published this year, just read this year)
Honorable Mentions: The Orchid Affair, Compact with the Devil, Supreme Courtship

Best Moment in my Life 2011: Moving out of my parents house!
Honorable Mentions: Getting an awesome new job.

There you have it, my year in review. Feel free to disagree with all of it, except the Muppets. If you don't think the Muppets was the best movie this year- you don't have a soul.
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