Thursday, October 27, 2011

Under the Covers: Books That Suck (and not in a good way)

So I write a lot of book review on books I love. But I don't love every book I read, in fact I read a lot of crap that sucks and would never suggest anyone else read. So here are some books you don't need to waste your time on:
  • Secret Society Girl by Diana Peterfreund- I really loved the concept of this book. Secret Ivy League Societies (think Skull & Bones) start allowing women in. Amy Haskel, who works on the schools literary magazine, gets tapped to join. And this is where my interest in the book ends. Amy is a horribly one-dimensional character. Outside of her annoying mother, we don't know anything about her family, where she grew up, anything about her background at all, and her only hope and dream is to be the editor for Glamour magazine. Amy is wishy-washy about everything and the entire plot is her trying to decide if she wants to be part of the secret society she was tapped for. I stopped reading halfway thru, I couldn't take anymore. 
  • Girl's Guide to Witchcraft by Mindy Klasky- This is another book where I loved the concept more tha the book. Fresh off finishing Enchanted, INC, I was desperate for another Fantasy/Chick-Lit book. This one came with really good reviews on Amazon so I indulged. Librarian Jane Madison gets her salary cut by a quarter, but her uber-nice boss lets her live in the library's vacant cottage for free! She finds a mysterious book does some spells and becomes a witch. The problem with this book is that for a librarian Jane is a fricken idiot. The vast majority of the book is spent in a love triangle between Jane, her Warder David and Professor Jason Templeton. The plot is formulaic and I knew the ending about 50 pages into the book. The book had promise but turned into a Bridget Jones Cliche with some witchcraft in it.
  • My Summer of Southern Discomfort by Stephanie Gayle- I should have known this book would suck since I bought it for a dollar at a dollar store. But I wanted to like it anyways. It follows Natalie, a liberal Jewish lawyer who takes a position as prosecutor in Georgia after having an affair with a partner at her NY law firm that turns sour. The entire plot of this book was Natalie coming to gripes with trying a death penalty case when she is a Jewish Lawyer who doesn't believe in the death penalty. There is no character development. It's just a girl living an ordinary life. There never feels like there is a climax to this book, heck there isn't really a rising action to this book. The main character never even notices her "love interest" in the book until she finds out he is half Jewish in the last 15 pages of the book. The writing is actually pretty decent, but the entire plot and character development need so much work.
Save your time and effort, don't read these books!


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