Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stop Being Facebook Obnoxious

So there are articles ad nauseum about annoying shit you shouldn't be doing on Facebook. Let me add one more blog post to that list. Although my list is probably going to be very different than everyone elses.

How to be Obnoxious on Facebook:

  • Having Duck Lips in every picture- Girls you know what I mean. When you push your lips out, thinking its sexy. Well its not. It makes you look like an idiot. Matchmaker Steve Ward (of vh1's tough love) constantly rails against it on his twitter feed. But even worse guys have even gotten so tired of it, they made this poster. Hell I'm even tired of seeing these faces
  • Posting 40 music videos in a row- Listen I get it, you find music inspiring. We all do. But I'm not cluttering up your new feed with the latest Panic at the Disco track, my favorite Fall Out Boy song and the last 3 Linkin Park tracks I listened to. 
  •  Stop getting into arguments with the ex-girlfriend/sister/mother of your boyfriend- OMG Self-explanatory. I don't need to see my news feed cluttered up with "OMG this bitch can't get over the fact that he's with me now." That makes you look like an idiot. Even worse is when you and the so-called ex-girlfriend get into a fight on your status feed. You both look like fucking morons for fighting over a guy.
  • Stop MommyJacking- Never heard this term? You must be a parent. This website can explain it better than I ever could. I don't even want my mom MommyJacking my Facebook. So you'd best believe I don't care about your precious fucking pumpkins either.
  • The 800 random pictures of nothing- I don't want to see your hairy toes. I don't want to see pictures of some cloud you thought was a duck. 32 pictures of that mole on your arm = me hiding you. If your going to post a million pictures at least make them interesting
So what do your friends do on Facebook that you find completely obnoxious?
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