Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some Pop Culture Notes

Okay, everyone knows I am tv/music/book junkie and I have some pop culture notes that I need to get off my chest:

  • Dear NBC: How dare you move back the season 5 premiere of Chuck! I mean considering you've already made this its final season and its only getting 13 episodes leaving it just 9 episodes shy of the 100 episode mark. You're killing me NBC. I need a show that makes it okay for me to be this nerdy and think guys that nerdy are hot
  • Dear People who loved Everwood and/or Gilmore Girls: Please watch Hart of Dixie. It's possibly the cutest show on tv right now. Sure, they're no vampires or marital affairs or Sara Michelle Gellar on a bad green screen, but its a wholesome little show and Rachel Bilson is adorable in a way that Zooey Deschenal is not on New Girl.
  • Dear Pete Wentz: Stop fucking around and get Fall Out Boy back together already. You've had 2 years of "hiatus" to goof around, have a child, get divorced, host a bad vh1 show- it's time for you to get back to making the music that makes my life a little more bearable. And no that new band you are putting together does not count.
  • Dear J.K. Rowling: Will Pottermore get off the ground already? OMG, I am sooooo tired of listening to the hype around it and now you are pushing back the ebook releases for a whole year. Don't be George Lucas- don't milk the same cash cow for the next 50 years. Do some new writing. You're talented, don't let the money make you boring
  • Dear George Lucas: I love Stars Wars. I mean its been my favorite movie since I was like 10. Please stop fucking with it. You want to do something that will make Star Wars fans happy? Go back to Han shooting first. Yank out that silly "Noooooo" scream you just added in Return of the Jedi. Destroy all copies of The Phantom Menace. It was perfect the first time. Stop messing with it.
Whew. I feel better now.
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