Thursday, October 13, 2011

The little things that drive you nuts...

Lets be honest: we all have little things that annoy the living shit out of us. Here are some of mine.
  • Not being able to get the shower temperature right- Turn the water on and just not quite hot enough so you turn it a little to the left, then its scalding so you move it back to the right, then its not hot enough again so then its a nudge to the left, then a smidge to the right, then a graze to the left, tap to the right, teeny-tiny push to the left. OH.MY.FUCKING.GOD! Why is it so hard to get just the right water temperature in my shower! For the love of all that is holy! (yes, this inspired this post)
  • Could the rain not turn my hair into a jewfro- I'm not even Jewish! I've had a long love/hate mostly hate relationship with my hair. But it never fails that when its going to rain my hair goes from a controllable mess to a curly frizzed out ball of red. Come on, I'm one step away from doing the porn version of Annie anyways (You're boner will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar when I blow you, You'll get sprung.... (God I need therapy, also I really hope my mom isn't reading this post)). A whole bottle of hairspray can't even help this shit
  •  Assholes who don't use the cart returns- Okay I realize that up north cart returns don't exist, but I live in the South where there is a cart return every 4 feet at Wal-mart, Target, Grocery Stores, etc. Don't be a lazy motherfucker and just leave your cart where ever you feel like it. Do you know how many A+ parking spots I have lost out of because I go to turn into the spot only to see some cart just sitting there blocking my way.
  • When my dogs wake me up at 8 am- My fat ass does not get out of bed at 8 am and my dogs know that. So why they seem to thing that jumping on me and licking my face is going to get me out of bed, I will never know. They're adorable little brats but I love my sleep. I'm going to have to put a gate around my bed.

**Also you might have noticed I did some updating to the blog. I'm toying around with the idea of a new title and layout. Feel free to give me feedback and hit up the poll on the right**
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