Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who Ordered the Clown?

So we all know that I work as a waitress in a seafood restaurant in Myrtle Beach. I feel pretty confident saying that and knowing any pyscho-stalkers out there would have to search through like 100 seafood restaurants before they would find me. That being said we book a lot of parties at my restaurant. We've done everything from wedding receptions to prom dinners to birthday parties.

I tell you all that as a preface to this story: Saturday night we had a bachelor party booked. Now my genius managers gave the bachelor party to one of our (few) male waiters, which makes no sense but whatever. The party arrives and the guy running the show pulls my coworker aside. He says "listen the groom doesn't like clowns and neither do some of the other guys. So I hired this clown to come sit and join the party. The other guys don't know. We're going to tell them that this clown is a regular at your restaurant."

So about twenty minutes later this sad hobo looking clown strolls into our restaurant, promptly waltzes down the stairs, pulls up a chair and sits across from the groom. The entire waitstaff is watching this from atop the stairwell just dying laughing. I mean management and members of the kitchen crew are all standing on the stairs looking down to where this bachelor party is seated, cracking up.

The bachelor party, however, has no idea whats going on. Some of them are laughing, some of them are getting pissed off but only the one guy had any idea whats going on. The groom is short of interrogating this clown, who's not answering any questions. My coworker for his part asks the clown if he wants his usual drink. The clown leaves for a few minutes and heads to the bar where we got that picture. The clown came back down some time later where one of the guys got really heated with him and so the clown left.

The rest of the night was spent lying to the bachelor party. They kept coming up and asking us if the clown really was a regular and how often he came in. If he ever sat down with the tables before. Every single member of my staff was pretty much lying to this bachelor party with a straight face. I told them that the clown came in all the time, sometimes he made balloon animals for the kids and that he works in the area as part of the performers. I think I even mentioned a stilt walker coming in with him sometimes. I mean the story just kept getting more outlandish but these guys were drunk so they couldn't tell we were lying anyways.

The best part is the guy in charge had hired the clown for the night and had already sent the clown along to the next venue, a club they were going to. I wish I could have been there when the bachelor party ran into the clown at the club. I wondered how long it took before the party figure out the joke....


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